How many ounces to take boxing gloves?

A person who watches boxing fights with interest does not have parallels between gloves and ounces. What is common between them, in what units are their weight measured, how to choose equipment for training and sparring, read on about this below.

What is the weight of boxing gloves?

Sports equipment provides its main function: safety for the boxer and his opponent in sparring and at competitions. Oddly enough, this equipment does not have a digital marking, it differs only as gloves of large, medium and small size . A more accurate gradation is carried out by their weight, which is selected depending on several factors:

  • type of battle - training, duel, stuffing on bags, shells;
  • Athlete's gender
  • its weight;
  • age
  • sports qualifications and experience.

The more the athlete weighs, the greater the weight of the equipment he chooses . This is necessary so that the blow delivered to the enemy is gentle, as well as to provide personal protection by hiding the most vulnerable spots on the face with the help of equipment.

The more the glove weighs, the softer the blow is, because the force is distributed over a large surface area and the amount of filler . The most dangerous blow can be dealt by a professional adult fighter, if he put on gloves of less weight for a duel.

Important! The size of a boxing glove is its weight. Its measurement is made in ounces - the outdated English unit of weight measurement equal to 28.35 g.

What is an ounce in boxing gloves?

Boxing was originally an English sport, so the unit taken in old England in the 17th century - an ounce - is still taken per unit weight of equipment. In the dimensional grid of boxing equipment, the smallest value is 4 ounces, and the maximum is 22 .

Equipment is used for various purposes. Depending on this, it is divided into several groups:

  • for fights;
  • for training;
  • for work with a shell;
  • for aerobics.

Each of these goals requires the selection of special equipment, the weight of which will be different. Fighting gloves are intended for conducting fights in the ring with the determination of the winner. Such fights are held both among professionals and among amateurs. The weight of the equipment is selected in accordance with the weight category of the athlete, and among professionals it is also negotiated as a separate condition for a specific match . Gloves with a weight of 14-16 ounces are usually selected for amateur fights; for professionals, use from 9 to 12 ounces is possible. Boxing equipment is designed to provide maximum protection for the athlete.

Training is more effective in gloves with a weight of 16–20 ounces: they are heavy, the blow is not sharp, often soft, the defense is deeper, and the battle is long. Shell gloves are usually 12-18 ounces in weight, their goal is to provide maximum protection for the hands of an athlete working with a pear, bag, paw.

What does the oz mark mean?

When listing the weight labeling of gloves, the name of the weight measure is used - ounce. In writing, it is recorded in the English abbreviation "oz". The size of sports equipment depends on several characteristics, the most important of which is weight .

Hands under gloves must be bandaged . Special boxing bandages are used that fix the entire hand with the exception of the fingers. They serve to absorb moisture and are additional protection against small but unpleasant sports injuries: bruises, sprains, dislocations.

What does 4, 8, 10, 12, 14 ounces mean?

For children of primary school age who have started training, parents purchase gloves of 4-6 ounces / oz, for older children, men and women in light weight, it is recommended to wear 8 oz equipment for competitions. Light and medium weight teens, women and men use 10 oz equipment for combat.

What does the weight of boxing gloves affect?

The weight of the equipment is the outer material - leather or its substitute - and filler. Horse hair, which played the role of such a filler for many decades, has gradually faded into the background, although in some models it is still found. A more modern material - polyurethane foam, from which the liner is formed, has established itself as an excellent protection of different stiffness for the boxer's hand. The spring properties that distinguish this filler contribute to an additional softening of the impact force.

There are other modern boxing gloves. This can be a layer-by-layer filling with foam inserts, the use of foam fillers, and in the anti-slack equipment there is an air gap between the filler to soften the blow.

The weight of sports equipment is directly proportional to the amount of filler for internal arm protection . The amount of packing determines the surface area of ​​the equipment and the corresponding volume inside it. The applied heavy defense works to repay the shock wave, which leads to a reduction in possible injuries when contacting opponents in the ring and to increase the effectiveness of defense. Even a slight increase in surface provides better protection against enemy attacks on vulnerable parts of the face and body.

Boxing Gloves Weight Chart

What equipment an athlete needs, depending on his own weight and gender for competitions and training, can be determined from the table.

Important! Athletes are not limited to only one type of equipment. Vocational training usually requires the acquisition of several pairs of sports equipment used in competitions, in working with shells, in training sparring.

How to decide how many ounces I need?

Equipment for combat and for training is different. Decide on the purpose for which gloves are purchased . For sparring, equipment is usually taken from 16 oz, and if the weight exceeds 75 kg, then 18 oz. But for competitions, choose gloves with the weight indicated in the above table. However, if you have extensive sports experience, high qualifications, then the selected size should be increased by 1-2 numbers, which is specified in the table.