How many knots on the red thread?

One of the most powerful amulets for protection is a bracelet made of red woolen threads.

Wool has a positive effect on the body and aura, and the red color came from the ancient beliefs of the ancestors, it is mentioned in Kabbalah and among Slavic peoples.

How many knots to tie on a red thread according to ancient beliefs

The Slavs tied charms, starting in childhood, establishing protection from evil spirits. On each of the nodules made a wish. It is important to know the rules for tying knots, it passes in a state of peace and harmony with the world. Each node has a good thought.

The mother, tying the talisman to the child, necessarily made seven knots, sentencing him not to be sick, not to cry, he could not lie down on him. Followers of Rachel do the same.

Seven is a sacred number among many nations . This is the number of wisdom and good spirits. Even the Slavic tribes weaved dows, they interwoven pieces of plants and made seven knots. Knitted them to attract love, wealth, health.

There is an opinion that the number of nodules depends on the desire of the owner of the amulet. The main thing is to know the measure! Important control over thoughts.

First they make the first big knot, and then six more smaller ones, but no more. Signs say that this way the amulet gains the necessary strength.

3 modern ways to tie a red thread on your wrist

It is believed that any human thought is material and carries the charge that the owner gives it. Therefore, we form the talisman only in a good mood, this directly affects the magic of the item.

In Jerusalem, amulets are tied by priests, monks or women, who are believed to carry positive energy. Currently, the rules are being softened, many people make nodes themselves or ask loved ones.

It is very important to know how to conduct the ritual.

Nodules along the thread

  1. First, the owner himself knits six knots in silence, supposed to be silent.
  2. Then, the selected trusted person masters the seventh knot, connecting the ends of the threads on the wrist. At this stage, you need to think only about good, love and good deeds. There should not be a single bad soap in the head, otherwise the magic will not work, going to the side of evil.
  3. Cut off the tips.
  4. At the end, a prayer is read depending on religion. A friend reads out loud, and the owner of the amulet repeats to himself.

According to various sources, the remains of the threads are burned or thrown away. Opinions differ, some Kabbalah supporters argue that fire will negatively affect the amulet, but among the Slavs, fire always possessed a purifying power.

Nodules on top of each other

  1. In this method, a friend first ties the ends. Be sure to concentrate on thoughts.
  2. Over the big knot, another seven smaller ones are silently knitted.
  3. Trim the ends.
  4. Read a slander or a prayer.

Independent way

In the case of loneliness or long-distance travel, the talisman masters on their own. The peculiarity will be that you will need to do all the steps alone. It is important to pray aloud, not to yourself. Of course, the process is complicated, as you have to do everything with one hand.

Despite a lot of advice about creating a bracelet only with a loved one, nevertheless, if necessary, you can install powerful protection against damage and the evil eye to yourself.

  1. First you need to sit down at the table.
  2. Glue a patch to the edge of the countertop.
  3. On the thread, make a loop and an ordinary knot.
  4. Put on hand. Glue the loop and tip to the arm with a band-aid.
  5. Pull the other end to tighten the knot.
  6. Skip the ends one through the other, tie a knot.
  7. In this way, bring the amount to seven pieces.
  8. Cut off the ends, peel off the patch.
  9. In conclusion, pray with all my heart.

Why is the red thread from the evil eye so strong?

At the end of the ritual, not a simple decoration is created, but a talisman that carries a charge of magic, helping to attract good luck and prosperity. Every detail is not accidental: woolen thread, red color, seven knots and the process itself. Red is the color of fire, heat, it is especially suitable for the fire signs of the zodiac, enhancing their energy. Wool is a natural material with healing power, and 7 is the number of luck. Prayer or conspiracy is a powerful positive message to the universe. All together creates a block from evil, which also improves mood.

What rules to follow when wearing a red thread on your hand

Do not limit yourself to simply tying a bracelet.

A thread will work if its owner does not gossip, does not swear with other people, does not slander. Negativity, jealousy and criticism are removed. Those who tried to lead a blissful lifestyle, really could change their worldview and overestimate life, set other priorities. The thread helps to find peace and balance.

If the bracelet is torn, it means that the thread has accepted quite a negative, and desires are waiting for a speedy fulfillment. In the future, you can repeat the ritual. Faith is a great source of inspiration and change.