How to make a tulle skirt with your own hands

An airy and elegant skirt will take its rightful place in the wardrobe of any fashionista. They put on a beautiful outfit for a party, for a visit, or for a walk around the city. You can sew a tulle skirt with your own hands. It goes well with different things, so it is popular.

DIY tulle skirt

A lush product from several layers will complement a bright top or t-shirt. It is suitable for young girls and little girls. There are many options for creating a skirt. Each model has its own characteristics.

Style Selection

The simplest option is a rectangular skirt. To sew it, you need to determine the number of layers and the density of the assembly. Cut the desired number of rectangles, the height of which is equal to the length of the product. The sides of the rectangles are connected vertically. Each part is assembled separately. The model is very splendid in the hips.

ATTENTION! At the stage of assembly of the upper cut, it is necessary to take into account that the model will be on an elastic band. The top of the skirt makes a little more hip volume.

It is easy to sew a sun skirt from several layers. If the assembly is not done, then the usual model will be obtained. The layers will just merge. It is important to carry out the calculations correctly. The edges of the skirts of different layers in this model can cling to each other. To get rid of this drawback, the edge of the product is treated with an oblique trim.

The skirt-shopenka is very popular. She recalls the ballerinas. If you sew it from wedges and make an assembly, then it will have a beautiful shape. Parts are cut out in one direction, so the edges of the canvases of the finished product do not cling to movement.


Sewing an outfit will require a certain amount of time. You must clearly follow the instructions to get the desired result. The original product will become your favorite wardrobe item if you make it yourself.

What is needed

First of all, they choose the material. Fatin of different density is produced, when buying, they also pay attention to the width of the fabric. The calculation depends on the selected style. For a little girl, an unlined option is sewn if the number of layers allows this.

It is better to use a petticoat. For this, atlas, viscose or other lining fabric is purchased in the store. Measure the waist, measure by 1.5. If the received number is less than the material width indicated in the store, then it is enough to buy a cut corresponding to the desired length of the skirt.

If the number is greater than the width of the material, then the assembly is done less. You can purchase two product lengths. Then the density of the assembly does not need to be reduced. For sewing you will need a spool of thread in tone with the main fabric, an elastic band, the length of which is equal to the volume of the waist. If you plan to decorate the model, then acquire decorative fittings.

Features of working with tulle

This material does not spill, which facilitates the sewing process. A skirt will need a lining. If you make a lot of layers, you can do without it.

IMPORTANT! To connect the details of tulle on a sewing machine, choose the line “zig-zag”. This seam is almost invisible on the canvas.

The bottom of the product is usually not processed, it does not crumble. Each canvas of the skirt needs to be picked up separately to achieve the necessary splendor.

Working process

First of all, measurements are taken: waist volume, hips volume, product length. For a skirt-sun, it is necessary to perform calculations. To determine the radius of a circle from the waist, you need to use the formula: C = 2 * π * R, where C is the circumference; number π = 3.14; R is the radius of the circle. R = C / 2 * π. This model does not provide lightning, so the volume of the hips is used in the formula.

Consider an example. The volume of the hips is 90 cm, and the length of the skirt is 70 cm, then R = 90/2 * 3.14 = 14 cm. The diameter is 28 cm, respectively. Then you need to multiply this value by the assembly coefficient (minimum 1.5 cm). As a result, we get 42 cm.

You can cut it right away on the fabric, it is recommended for beginners to make a pattern on paper. If you buy fabric 1.5 m wide, then two layers will need 7.4 m tulle ((42 + 70 * 2) * 4 = 732 cm). On the lining you need to purchase 3.5 m of satin. The petticoat is 5 cm shorter than the main part.

ATTENTION! When patterning layers, it is necessary to make the upper cut of the front 2 cm smaller than the front of the product. This is necessary to align the bottom of the product.

If the model will be more magnificent, or more layers are planned, then more material will be needed. Each layer needs to be picked up, and then carefully sewn to the elastic.

Tulle skirt for girls, important points.

For the baby, the skirt differs only in size. You can make a model for crumbs from strips 10 cm wide. The length of such parts is 2 times the length of the product. It will take about 50 strips. We also need a wide elastic band, the edges of which grind on a typewriter. Fold the ribbons in half and tie them to the elastic. It is necessary to repeat the operation until there is no free space.

IMPORTANT! Pay attention to the quality and density of the elastic, it depends on how the skirt will sit on the waist.

You can use colored pieces of fabric to create an outfit for the baby. Multilayer skirts with canvases of different lengths look amazing on children. To do this, each subsequent layer is made shorter than the previous 10 cm.

The item is decorated with beads, ribbons, flowers. On the belt fasten a bow in tone along, or prefer a contrasting color. A white tulle skirt with a black belt and a bow looks beautiful. Pink and blue outfits on little girls look tender.