How to make a topic out of underpants

It is no secret that our women are the best housewives in the world. And not just the best, but also inventive. Even in such a seemingly hopeless situation, when the cowards bought by her husband either did not like, or did not fit in size, they can find a way out. It is clear that such a product can no longer be returned to the store, but also not thrown away. Of these underpants you can always make ... TOPIC!

Materials and tools for remaking

In order to make such an alteration, you only need panties and scissors . Perhaps also useful tape . But most importantly, do not forget to remove the man from his underpants before starting alterations!

We make a topic out of my husband’s underpants

After it was decided to make a topic out of her husband’s underpants for herself, my beloved, you can safely get down to business.

IMPORTANT! Cowards should be new, not already worn.

The basis of the topic

  • First of all, we fold the pants in half . The left half should coincide with the right. Next, you need to cut the gusset with scissors . To do this more accurately, you can outline this area, for example, with chalk.
  • After all the preparations are completed, it will be possible to take up the scissors. Gently and slowly, make a cutout along the outlined line .

    When you open your underpants, you should see a round neckline at the place where the gusset was. In fact, work can be completed on this. But do not stop at this stage.

Slice processing

  • It should be understood that the cut made by us has uneven edges. Not only do they look ugly, they will begin to creep over time. What to do about it?

    Here we need a narrow tape and a sewing machine . But before you start working with the machine, it is better to bait the tape manually so that it does not move.

IMPORTANT! Ribbon and thread should be matched to the color of the underpants.

After you hemmed the trimmed edges with a ribbon, the topic can already be considered full.

How to wear

In this form, you can already put on a new thing and go to the gym.

How to put on? In the place where the man should have the priest, the woman will have breasts. A neckline was made for the head.

And so, very quickly and simply, men's underpants turned into a female topic. We not only did not throw away a thing that did not fit, but also saved additional money.

How to decorate a topic

The finished topic can be left as is, or you can decorate. For decoration, the remaining pieces of fabric from other works, rhinestones, will do. You can use openwork tape or ready-made applications.

For example, hands that seem to clasp behind and hold on to the chest will look very unusual. Such an application is very simple. We need to take tissue close in color to human skin. We put our hand on the matter and draw a line around it with chalk. The main thing is not to forget that in order to give volume to the hand, we will need to make two halves for each hand . After both halves are sewn together, the hand can be stuffed with either cotton wool or scraps of fabric. And after all this, finally sew up our decor element.

By the same principle, we do the second hand. As soon as both hands are ready, it remains only to place them in the right place and sew to the topic. Thus, from ordinary men's underpants we will create an unusual and stylish female top.