How to make a top out of a T-shirt

T-shirt is the main element of the wardrobe of every fashionista. It serves as a basic thing when combining many outfits. Often, ceasing to wear, throw it away Do not rush! After all, with a minimum of effort, you can make a beautiful top from an old T-shirt.

Alteration preparation

To alter an old thing, the following tools will be required:

  • thread and needle;
  • pins
  • ruler;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine.

The shirt should be washed and ironed well. Do not worry about minor damage or stains. Small holes can be supplemented and passed off as a design move. Traces of dirt will be covered by decorations or drawings.

Turn a shirt into a top

How to sew a cropped top

Shortened items are very popular with modern fashionistas. They are combined with shorts and skirts, sneakers and heels. Making a new thing yourself is very simple.

  • Fold the shirt in half just below the chest.
  • Using a ruler and chalk to mark the necessary line.
  • Cut back (!) Part. Thus, the back is the shortest of the entire product.
  • Next, measure before. To do this, draw a straight vertical line from the neck to the waist, between the chest.
  • Cut the part. It turns out a kind of vest with a short back.
  • The long part is crossed on the stomach and tied on the back in a bow or simple knot.

Important! The advantage of such needlework is the ability to work without a sewing machine.

If you wish, you can use a sewing machine and carefully sew the details. This top emphasizes the bust well, exposes the tummy a little.

Fringed Short Top

Very popular product. They are used in casual and sporty styles, they are combined with jeans, shorts and sneakers.

You can do it yourself with minimal time.

  • First you need to measure the desired length and thickness of the fringe.
  • Using a ruler and chalk to accurately measure the measurements.
  • Carefully cut the canvas. To create a more stylish top, fringe can be thinned out: make a braid through one. So the gap is a little wider than the fringe itself.

A topic of this style is in great demand among the younger generation, because they are distinguished by their originality and style.

Tops with cutouts on the back or sides

They are very successful among fans of sports style in clothes . The manufacture also does not require the presence of a sewing machine.

The process of work consists of a few simple steps.

  • Measure narrow horizontal strips of fabric to be removed.
  • Each girl chooses the width of the space left between them in accordance with her tastes.
  • After necessary measurements, remove excess tissue.
  • If desired, the top can be shortened a little by exposing a strip of body.

Cropped top with a knot on the stomach

The most popular and easiest option.

  • T-shirts change the length by cutting off unnecessary centimeters.
  • On the stomach, a vertical line is measured, approximately 5-10 cm, at personal discretion.
  • Cut out a strip and tie in a knot.

This look is in great demand among modern fashionistas. It is combined with jeans, shorts or skirts. Wear under sneakers, sandals or ballet shoes.

Top decoration

Tops from T-shirts can be decorated with rhinestones, sequins or lace.

Usually lace is sewn onto the straps, bottom and top of the product.

Drawings can be applied using thermal stickers or in watercolor.

Hand embroidery, for example, stitching, will add originality.

Jewelry is added according to personal taste preferences . Someone after the alteration leaves a new thing, some supplement the image with new details.

Jewelry Tips

  • When using monophonic fabric to create a top with a knot on the stomach, embroidery successfully complements. For example, bright flowers on the chest, embroidered with satin stitch, will look very organic.
  • A cropped top with a bow on the back is well complemented with lace. Openwork fabric can be placed on the straps, on the neckline or bottom. When using colored material, adding white lace will only enhance the look.
  • The front part is decorated with drawings. For example, thermal stickers. They help create a unique image. Using them is very simple. Place the fabric on a flat hard surface, cut the sticker along the contour. Gently attach the picture to the canvas and cover it with a blank sheet. Carefully put a hot iron and hold for 10-15 seconds.

Thus, with a few simple actions, a plain top turns into a unique and very stylish product.

Unnecessary things are in the wardrobe of every fashionista. It is not necessary to throw away old shirts as unnecessary. After all, a few simple steps will allow you to get a fashionable top. And with its help it will be possible to create a unique image.