How to make a sports top from men's boxers

Underpants are a common element of wardrobe in everyday life. They are present in both the male and female versions of the product. Many people think that nothing can be invented and created from cowards, except for their main purpose. Many craftsmen and experienced housewives do not think so. They actively share various inventions and ways to use standard things for custom solutions.

If you wish, you can visit websites on the Internet and watch master classes on creating stylish things, decorating clothing items or even entire rooms. In our article, we will share a recently popular way to create an unusual women's bra from underpants.

Important! Necessary to use clean new underpants. Using old underwear, even after thorough washing, is not allowed, as this can lead to skin irritation.

What will be needed for manufacturing?

To begin with, it is worth deciding on the basic tools and materials that will be needed in the course of the work. For convenience, use the following list of things:

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    Men's briefs (boxers) or women's classic (narrow ones will not work, because a large amount of fabric is needed).

  • Scissors or a sharp clerical knife.
  • If the fabric opens too much, stock up on threads and needles to create stitches.
  • Additional elastic bands to strengthen the straps that will lie on the shoulders.
  • An element of decorative inserts can be purchased at will.
  • Pencil or pen for drawing marks and lines of the future section.

It is also worth pre-preparing a place for work, where you will make the transformation of underwear. In the usual version, it will be enough to use the materials at hand, but if you want to decorate the model or strengthen it with elastic bands, it will take more time and comfortable working conditions.

Important! Depending on the use of male or female version of underpants, the way to create a topic will be slightly different. The main difference will be in the used fastening and fixing of the straps.

How to make a sports top from boxers


If you have prepared everything you need to start work, you can begin the process of creation. You will need to perform the following manipulations:

  1. Prepare the fabric, smooth it for ease of use. There should not be wrinkles on the fabric so that the final result does not differ from the applied markings.
  2. After that, draw small lines with a pencil or pen to make future cuts.
  3. Cut a hole in the center of the underpants. In this place, you will thread your head, and instead of legs - hands.
  4. To strengthen the body, you can use additional seams, sew the joints of the parts, iron all seams and folds.
  5. After that, put on the resulting topic, if necessary, adjust the cut lines, remove excess parts and cut the edges, aligning them.

Before putting on a topic, it is necessary to wash the purchased item in order to avoid possible skin irritation from synthetic materials.