How to make a skirt out of a dress

In each wardrobe there are old and forgotten things that are either tired or maybe just out of fashion, and it's a pity to throw out. There is no need for this, there are ways to give your things a new stylish look, thereby returning them to a new life.

New life of old things

Why not create something new from old things? Of the idle things in your closet. To do this, you do not need to be a professional in the field of sewing and if you have a sewing machine and sewing accessories, and the desire to create something new, with a little imagination, you will return a new life to old things with your own hands. We offer to remake the old dress in a new skirt.

How to make a sun skirt out of a dress

What needs to be done first. Choose a dress that is most suitable for the style of the skirt. Choose the right tools: sewing machine, ruler, scissors and thread.

How to properly deploy the product

You need to first pick up a dress, for a future product, measure a suitable length.

  • After these measurements, we simply cut off everything unnecessary with the help of scissors. If the dress is longer and is 75 centimeters, and according to the plan, the skirt is not more than 50 cm, then here you need to trim 25 centimeters.
  • After that, using scissors, cut off the upper part of the dress. As a result of these actions, a rectangular blank is obtained.
  • Sew a sewing machine in the long step mode to sew a skirt in two lines leaving the threads more authentic.
  • At the end of the work, we pull the skirt into folds using pre-prepared threads.

Do-it-yourself skirt belt

In order to make a belt you need elastic band with a width of at least 5 centimeters.

  • We measure the length at the waist plus 3 centimeters seam allowance. Fold the segment in half and stitch it, retreating half a centimeter from the edge.
  • After the belt and the skirt must be connected together, pins evenly fastened in length.
  • Using a sewing machine, sew a belt to the product in a zigzag seam. We remove all pins and the product is ready.

How to sew a denim skirt from a dress

Before you begin, you must decide how long the skirt will be.

  • Separate the top of your dress with scissors.
  • Next, you need the resulting rectangle, cut with scissors divided into two equal parts.
  • Measure your hips. If the hips are 50 cm in volume, then each part should be 25 cm wide plus 3 cm seam allowance. With this in mind, we measure and cut off excess tissue on each part.
  • Now measure the waist. If the hips are 50 cm in volume and 40 cm in the waist, then we get a difference of 10 cm and divide this difference by 2 for each part of the product. On the upper edge of the workpiece we measure 2.5 cm. On the one and on the other hand, we do the same with the second workpiece.
  • Now from the hip we draw a smooth oblique according to the marks made earlier.
  • We smooth both parts together, leaving a place for zippers in the upper part, carefully sew together (if desired, you can leave a cut in the lower part of the skirt).
  • Sew the zipper, then make a small flat lapel on the waist and stitch it with a sewing machine.
  • Cut a strip of denim 10 cm wide and along the length of the girth of your waist.
  • We twist the strip twice in length and sew on to the top of the skirt. The bottom edge is also bent and stitched.

With a little imagination, you can always embellish your product to your liking.

DIY pencil skirt from an old dress

To make a pencil skirt, follow the instructions:

  • We select a dress with the expectation that the length from the waist to the bottom should be at least 65 centimeters. Separating the top of the dress from the bottom with the help of scissors you should get an even rectangle.
  • Then cut our workpiece into two halves. We put together the obtained rectangular segments with the front sides together and shorten.
  • We put the resulting blank on ourselves and, using pins, fix it so that our fabric fits snugly against the figure.
  • Further along the pins, draw a line with chalk. After we cut out of our fabric so that there are 1.5 cm allowances.
  • We sew both parts along the marked line, leaving at the same time a place on the zipper on one side.
  • To attach a zipper to the product, you need to put the snake in the open position, attach it to the back by combining the upper teeth and the top of the skirt and stitch it.
  • Close the zipper, fit the front part, align the top and bottom.
  • We measure a strip of fabric 10 cm wide along the length of the girth of your waist.
  • We double the length of the strip and attach to the top of the product to the wrong side. The bottom edge is also bent and stitched.

The pencil skirt is ready.

Features alterations dresses in skirts

In order to replenish your closet with new and fashionable things, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on acquiring more and more new things. It is enough for you to look into your wardrobe and remember about your old things close to your heart. After all, you, always, having shown imagination and ingenuity, can give your things a new stylish look.