How to make a rose from a towel

Very soon, Valentine's Day and March 8th, we suggest you make original souvenirs for your beloved women with your own hands. Folding towels is a simple matter, but it can help in creating original gifts. Today we will talk about how to put roses out of an ordinary towel and make real compositions out of them. Towels in the form of roses can make a bloody bouquet, which is difficult to distinguish from the present. This is an appropriate gift not only for International Women's Day, but even for a birthday. In addition, such a supply of napkins for washing will be an excellent option when there are a lot of guests in the house.

If you need to give a lot of gifts, for example, classmates or work colleagues, but at the same time you are limited by finances, then such gifts will be a great option.

How to make a rose from a towel: step by step instructions

Every day we use a towel. It is with him that our morning begins. Wise Japanese have figured out how to make their morning filled with positive. They began to make funny little things from the most ordinary towel.

Everything that makes us smile and makes our world better, unequivocally moves to a new level of art. And even towel crafts already have their own name - origami-osibori. It came from everyone's favorite origami, only in this case, napkins are used instead of paper.

Cleopatra became a pioneer when she handed a towel in the form of a gift to Caesar. After that, the technology was greatly improved, but the idea remained - to surprise and impress.

To make similar crafts is very simple, but at the same time quite original little things are obtained. One has only to look at the charming bouquets, when there is a desire to make something like this with your own hands.

To do this, you need a square towel. Fold it in half and from the corner start to fold into a tight flagellum.

After that we bend it into two parts. From one half we form an unopened bud, and from the other we begin to gracefully open our rose. If you do not open the bud, you can just make a dense rose. Spread the petals a little, and now this flower is difficult to distinguish from the present.

How to make a bouquet of roses from towels

We offer you to make a bouquet of roses with your own hands. A great gift option for your girlfriend, sister, girlfriend, mom, grandmother.

To get roses you need :

  1. small square towels;
  2. stems from artificial flowers;
  3. tapes;
  4. stationery gum;
  5. candies;
  6. wooden swords;
  7. wire;
  8. jewelry for a bouquet - artificial insects, beads, rhinestones and much more;
  9. paper for packing a bouquet, which can be purchased at any flower stall.

To get the first rose, you need to fold the blank diagonally, then 2 times in half. The result should be a narrow strip. One edge is tucked up, this will be the middle of the flower. Then we begin to spin the roll.

Using an elastic band, we fix the product. In the middle we pass an artificial stalk. You can stop here, but in order to make the product more dense, we recommend fixing it with a ribbon. Thus, produce the required number of flowers.

You can complete the creation of a bouquet on this, but we decided to add some sweets on skewers. You can use both chocolate and hard candy. It is not advisable not to use too soft sweets, because it will be difficult to fix them when creating a bouquet.

To make such a bouquet you do not need much time. One hour will be more than enough! The result is such a beauty.

Reference! Similarly, you can collect not only bouquets from towels, but also from handkerchiefs, baby clothes, socks, underpants, and so on. A great option for a gift on March 8 and as an addition to the main birthday present.

How to decorate a rose from a towel

In addition, you can make a flower in a pot. Just fold the product with dense rollers, fix it with a satin ribbon and decorate it with small artificial flowers.

You can collect a composition of roses in a beautiful box or basket. The most important thing is to be creative in completing the work and then everything will work out for sure. This basket will be a great addition to the bathroom and will leave positive emotions for a long time.

You can add delicious sweets to the bouquet, which are fixed with adhesive tape on wooden skewers. A great decoration will be wrapping paper for a bouquet, which can be purchased at any flower shop.

In addition, in the same flower you can purchase original wooden inscriptions for bouquets or artificial fruits, insects. The most important thing is to give a gift with pleasure and then it will definitely be remembered for a long time.