How to make a roller under the head

The roller does not lose its relevance since ancient times. Its health benefits are hard to overestimate. After all, it serves not only as an alternative to a pillow, but also as equipment for practicing therapeutic exercises, as an element of the prevention of many diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous and circulatory systems. If it is not possible to purchase this attribute in the store, it does not matter. Make it easy on your own, at home, the main thing is patience and a little time.

How to make a roller under the head

The roller will be able to make even a beginner in the field of handmade, special skills are not required. All that is needed to create this type of pillow is:

  • two rectangular pieces of fabric;
  • scissors;
  • needle and thread;
  • filler.

Choose a filler

The choice of filler depends on the purpose of using the roller. Most often, the following materials are in demand:

  1. Cereals. Buckwheat husk, rice, barley will perfectly perform micromassage, stimulating acupuncture points on the skin. Eco-friendly options that will help in the restoration and support of the body.
  2. Salt. It repeats the anatomical structure of the body, it accumulates temperature well. Such a pillow helps to lower blood pressure, it is often used for exercise therapy for osteochondrosis.
  3. Clothing. Woolen clothing items are better. For example, an old knitted sweater, can start a new life, as a useful filler.
  4. Towel. Correctly folding the canvas, you can get a solid roller that will help get rid of back pain and general fatigue. It can be done in a couple of minutes, pulled together with tape or strong thread.

IMPORTANT: if you have serious health problems, it is better to discuss the choice of excipient with your doctor. In the case of using the roller as a prophylactic, a medical prescription is not required.

How to make a case

Sew the long sides of the fabric together. Then assemble one of the side parts, so that, tightening the thread, the edges converge to the center. After, the product should be turned out, filled with the necessary material and do the same with the remaining edge. Next, gently fix the thread, firmly suturing the contents of the product. For a more reliable fastening, you can flash this joint several times.

IMPORTANT: to make the pillow look more neat and tidy, do not forget to start your work from the wrong side, only at the end sew up from the front.

Than sheathe

Of course, you can use this type of orthopedic pillow without a pillowcase, but for the purpose of aesthetics and hygiene it is better to sheathe it. After all, after prolonged use, the product in any case becomes dirty, and the pillowcase is easy to remove and wash.

For a cover it is better to take a natural, but durable fabric. It will be pleasant to the touch and extend the life of the product. You will also need accessories for more convenient use and care of the orthopedic pillow. It can be buttons and lightning.

If you are fluent in the art of sewing, then there will be no problems with creating pillowcases for patterns. For beginners, you should choose an easier way. On the long sides of a rectangular fabric, sew on a zipper, or sew them together. The ends can be fastened with tape, in the form of candy, or sew buttons on them.

IMPORTANT: after using the roller for therapeutic purposes, it is not recommended for several hours to lift weights, make sudden movements.

You can decorate the roller by embroidering the edges with beads, wrapping lace or sewing pompons on it. The color of the fabric is better to choose to match the interior of the house or based on personal preferences.