How to make a ring from wood

All over the world, jewelry designers are trying to surprise, so they constantly come up with new models of rings, earrings, pendants from a wide variety of materials. One of those is wood. Wooden jewelry is original, unlike metal products look unusual, fresh. They can add an interesting ethnic accent to any image and attract attention.

Wood is a very accessible material for creativity. If desired, everyone can try to make jewelry out of it with their own hands. Technically, the hardest thing is to make a ring: you need to put a lot of effort and patience. The work is very painstaking, requires accuracy. But the result is worth it!

What tree can I make a ring from?

For the manufacture of the ring it is very important to choose the right material. It should be moderately hard, have a beautiful texture and a nice shade. The following wood species are best suited:

  • Oak The material has a rich palette of shades - from light to dark brown, a porous, but solid texture. It is practically not subject to decay.
  • Rosewood Expensive and beautiful wood, perfect for making jewelry. It has a nice dark color with beautiful veins.
  • Walnut This is an affordable material with a grayish tint that is easy to process.
  • Bird cherry . It has a reddish-brown color with dark veins and lends itself well to coloring.
  • Karelian birch . This wood is quite expensive. But at the same time, the products are very durable and have a beautiful texture with orange-brown stains.
  • Aspen . Very soft and plastic material, which is good to use in manual processing.
  • Mountain ash . It has a fairly light, practical white color.
  • Wild apple tree . This wood has a beautiful texture with clear brown veins.

Important! A cultivated apple tree does not possess such properties.

You can also use white or black hornbeam, amaranth, plane tree, pear, linden, cherry. The most valuable are the roots and growths (burls), which have a special texture and color. The more expensive the selected material, the more valuable the decoration.

Methods for making rings from wood

Making jewelry from natural materials is a popular hobby. There are three main ways to make wooden rings:

  • from a single piece of wood (the most expensive, but also a simple method);
  • from glued wood;
  • from a combination of wood and epoxy, a polymeric material that resembles clear colored glass.

We offer to make a ring from a single piece of wood.

Do it yourself wood ring

Each decoration made of wood is unique, because the material has veins, the pattern of which is unique. Even identical at first glance rings from one piece of wood are different. That is why wooden jewelry will appeal to those who love something exclusive and unusual.

We chose the option for beginners - a solid wood ring. The main thing here is to choose the right tree species, as well as follow the exact manufacturing instructions.

What will be needed for work

To turn a piece of wood into an elegant decoration, you will need the following tools:

  • drill;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • Sander.

If the idea requires it, then in addition to wood, you need to prepare varnish and tinting for the final processing of the decoration.

Rings can be made from both transverse and longitudinal sections of wood. The thickness of the initial blank should be between 15–21 mm.

Step-by-step manufacturing of a wooden ring

The manufacturing process requires scrupulousness and exact adherence to step-by - step instructions .

  1. The first step is to make a cut with a crown of the outer diameter of the ring about a quarter of the thickness.
  2. Then you should drill a central hole, the diameter of which is equal to the circumference of the finger. After this, it is necessary to complete the cutting of the outer part of the ring.
  3. The next step is coarse grinding with a drill with a nozzle of 60 units. After that, you need to take the nozzle 220 units and do the finishing.
  4. The final stage is manual grinding of the product until a perfectly smooth surface is obtained.

To make a massive ring out of wood, the initial blank must be thicker.

The resulting ring can be decorated with engraving or a decorative pattern, painted in any color, or simply coated with matt varnish. This is the most creative part of the work, which completely depends on the author’s ideas.