How to make a paper dress

Paper has been widely used not only in the field of printing and writing. Many fashion designers use the material as the basis for creating original and colorful outfits. For example, you can create a unique and stylish dress for a girl or a toy, which is suitable for a craft contest, costume show or holiday.

Paper dress for dolls

The doll is the main companion of the little girl. Young ladies like to play with dolls, equip houses for them and independently make outfits. To develop creative skills in a child, you can craft items of her wardrobe using paper. The process of creating a mini version can be considered a trial, as this option will help to conduct a small but thorough training of design skills.

We will tell you how to make different types of paper dresses with your own hands.


For work you will need:

  • doll;
  • cardboard (any shade);
  • colored paper (you can choose several tones);
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • wire;
  • accessories for decoration (rhinestones, beads, etc.).

Manufacturing instruction

The first step is to make the basis for the future skirt. To do this, use cardboard, from which we turn the cap. We fix the edges of the cap with tape or glue so that the material does not disperse. We cut off the sharp end with scissors.

Important! Make sure that the radius of the resulting circle fits the size of the doll. The toy should pass freely into the skirt, but the product itself is firmly fixed on the body.


We turn to the design of the skirt. From paper we cut out a material that is suitable in size for the base. The top can be decorated with peculiar waves that are characteristic of the skirt of the sun style . To do this, gently bend the paper in the area of ​​the belt. Small and bright folds turn out. To design the bottom, a strip of lace is suitable, which is attached with glue. Edges are also treated with glue to fix the product.

Help : you can use corrugated paper during work.

Observing accuracy, we put the resulting skirt on a pre-cooked cone. The belt area is carefully glued to the cardboard base. The skirt is ready.


On top, the process is somewhat simpler. We cut out a suitable piece of paper for the workpiece. Try on a doll, glue the edges, cut off the excess. The waist area is recommended to emphasize with a belt. The strap will not only be a decorative element, but also an additional retainer.

From a satin ribbon we cut a small belt. We form it at the waist, we fix the edges with glue. The lower row of the bodice should be slightly bent and straightened. This will help create an imitation of Basques - a popular element of evening dresses.


The final point is decoration. Here , origami flowers are suitable . They can be placed on the surface of the skirt.

As a replacement for flowers, rhinestones or precious stones made of glass of different shades and sizes are suitable . A belt at the waist will also be adorned with rhinestones.

Dress from corrugated paper for the girl

The option of making a full-fledged outfit for girls can be used in many situations. It can be contests of original crafts, unusual costume performances for various holidays or themed family photos. Creating a full-fledged outfit for a child is a rather painstaking and complicated process. However, the result pleases with its creativity and uniqueness.


Make sure that you have at hand the following materials:

  • corrugated paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • fabric (necessary for sewing the base);
  • cardboard;
  • safety pins;
  • sewing meter;
  • sewing machine;
  • materials for decor.

The basis

A fabric lining acts as the basis. A paper outfit will be attached to it. We take the necessary measurements from the child. This will require the width of the shoulders, girth of the arms, waist, chest and hips, the length of the product itself. We mark out patterns on cardboard, cut them out. Transfer the blanks to the fabric. Before sewing, it is recommended to fasten the edges with English pins and try on to take into account and correct possible errors. After fitting, we sew all the details on a sewing machine, forming the necessary model.

Attention : when cutting, do not forget about allowances for seams.

Top and skirt

Cut the petals out of paper. Depending on the volume and length of the skirt, a different amount of material will be required . Elements of the future dress are attached to the fabric basis with a suitable glue or stapler. Similarly, we make the top and sleeves. At registration it is possible to use paper of different shades . So the finished outfit will turn out brighter.

If the dress has a skirt on the floor, the bottom should be slightly bent to form a wave. The petals themselves can be stretched a little. This will help give the materials a curved shape.

In conclusion, decorate to your taste. This can be a satin ribbon on a belt, flowers folded in the origami technique and located on a top or skirt. The back of the belt will be decorated with a lush bow made of paper. With this bow you can complement the satin ribbon.

Outfit for a girl from newspapers

Newspapers are found in every home. Excess waste paper is usually thrown away or disposed of. This is optional. Material can come in handy to create an original outfit. The dress, the skirt of which consists of cone-shaped horns, will help to stand out among the other guys.


To work, you need a minimal set of tools:

  • the cloth;
  • Newspapers
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • stapler;
  • threads
  • needle.

The fabric is needed for tailoring the base of the costume. When working, you can be guided by the above method.

The first step will be the design of the top. To do this, wrap the top newspaper, try on. Gently sew the paper edition to the base. Newspaper paper is quite fragile, so be careful when sewing and do not tighten the stitch too tight.

Tip : a newspaper top can be folded with a tight accordion, and then slightly spread out. This will help create a lush top.

In order to make horns, the working material should be wrapped and form a cone-like shape. The edges are fastened with a stapler bracket. Such a horn is attached to the lining by a corner using glue. Here you can show your imagination by making several layers for splendor. Get an unusual tutu skirt.

Useful Tips

In carrying out a successful workflow and obtaining a high-quality result, additional recommendations will help.

  • Newspaper blanks are attached not only with glue. For this, special Velcro or durable double-sided tape are suitable.
  • As a material for a paper outfit, you can use the remains of wallpaper.
  • To get the result quickly and simply, an option with a newspaper folded in an accordion is suitable . To do this, identical segments are marked on paper, the newspaper itself is folded accordion according to the marks. We glue the edges, form the waist area. A belt strap is suitable as a retainer.
  • When making articles from newspapers, you can add magazine pages. This will give the dress brightness, color and creativity.
  • When working with a doll, the toy can be equipped with an additional stand for stability. To do this, glue the plastic cover to the base using several layers of adhesive tape. Make sure that the radii of the base and the cover match.
  • Small dresses, folded in the origami technique, are used as a decoration for a notebook or notebook, bookmarks in a book.

Paper is one of the most requested materials. Many designers have not spared such a find and use it to create stylish outfits. Using needlework skills, you can create such a dress yourself. It is suitable for a costume performance or competition, and also helps the child achieve a treasured victory.