How to make a mannequin head

A mannequin is a thing depicting and modeling the shape of a human body. You can make a mannequin of the head from a variety of materials, such as papier-mache, plastic, polystyrene, wood and other various materials.

Method 1 - from papier-mâché

To make a papier-mâché head, you will need a balloon, which will need to be inflated to the desired size of the desired head or slightly smaller. Next, you need to use a metal can with the contents of the sand, on which an already inflated balloon is attached. For fastening, most often use adhesive tape, which will help in aligning and shaping the head and neck.

To prepare papier-mâché masses, water and flour are most often used, in a ratio of 1: 1, but the solution should turn out to be thick for more convenient work. It is recommended to work outdoors or in a room that is well ventilated.

Then it is necessary to prepare strips measuring 5 by 15 cm, cut from newspapers, which, dipping into the resulting solution, begin to be glued to the balloon and the jar, smoothing and giving the desired shape.

After the mannequin has completely dried, it is necessary to reapply the second layer of newspapers soaked in a solution of water and flour, and so repeat two more times. With the help of large pieces of newspaper and a sticky shape, you can form the nose, ears, eyes. Then, already a large section of the newspaper, soaked in solution, is applied to the face of the mannequin in one layer and left to dry completely.

Sticky aerosols, which need to be coated with a thin layer, as well as colored and bright paints for coloring the mannequin, are most often used for coating. After the mannequin has completely dried, it is ready for use.

For the head of a mannequin made of polystyrene, you need to buy in its specialized stores, most often they are white and already have pronounced facial shapes. Next, you need to choose the color of the desired paper and decoupage glue.

First, a thin layer of glue is applied to the mannequin, then colored paper, and then again a layer of glue, which is smoothed out using a special brush. After drying, the mannequin is ready to work and demonstrate accessories.

But it is worth paying attention to the fact that the foam mannequin is very light, which, in turn, may not withstand some types of jewelry and hats. Therefore, you need to prepare in advance a convenient and suitable wooden stand, which can be easily purchased in a store with an artistic assortment.

In the modern world, various carnival events and parties are very often held, in which a carnival mask is often used.

Initially, it is necessary to make a head shape, which will greatly simplify the process of making a carnival mask. To do this, we will need nylon tights, which, putting on your head, be sure to cut small holes for free breathing, then gently glue the entire surface of the face with adhesive tape, repeating this step 2–4 times.

Further, it is necessary to make a small incision in the back and remove the form, after which the incision is sealed with tape. It is also recommended to fill the form inside with clay, gypsum or other improvised material. Fill the mannequin gradually, giving time to harden each layer. Most often, it is recommended to dry the mannequin on a fabric or any soft surface. After complete drying, it remains only to paint and decorate at will.

A little time, imagination and the necessary material will help to create an original mask that will attract the attention of others.

Method 2 - a mannequin for ball caps

You will need:

  1. old newspapers;
  2. balloon;
  3. paper. Choose tight;
  4. glue. Better ordinary PVA;
  5. brush;
  6. Scotch;
  7. Crochet hook;
  8. tape measure;
  9. jute twine.

The basis from which the mannequin will later appear should be done using the papier-mâché technique. First inflate the ball. Its volume should correspond to the approximate size of the head, about 57 cm. Attach the resulting head to the neck. A sheet of paper acts as a neck, first it should be twisted. The human head is at a certain angle with respect to the neck. Therefore, you need to try to do the same.

Before you start sculpting papier-mâché, glue the ball to the cylinder made using tape.

Start cutting or tearing as you prefer unnecessary newspapers, and glue the blank, gradually covering it with one layer after another. Each subsequent layer, make a different shade or texture, so that you can evenly glue the entire ball without missing any areas. To speed up the drying process, place a heater near the mannequin. After several layers are completely dry, cut the tails and seal the hole.

After sticking the final layer of paper, be sure to dry the mannequin well. Use jute twine as a decoration. It is necessary to tie a long chain of air loops. Then grease the mannequin with glue and start wrapping it in the resulting chain. Start from the neck, gradually moving to the top of the head, end with a spiral. The work is finished, now you have your own mannequin for hats.

Method 2 - foam mannequin

Another method for making a mannequin for hats is to use foam. To create such a product, you need a ready-made head. You need to purchase a foam mannequin head. Find them in an art store. They are white and have the features of a real face.

Next, decoupage should be done. This is a special technique in which pieces of paper are pasted over. Select the appropriate paper for this. It can be pages of newspapers or magazines or special paper for this. To make a decoupage, cut the paper into strips. A big pile should be formed, a lot of paper will be required.

Take a foam brush and moisten the top of the mannequin's head with decoupage adhesive. Put paper strips in such a way on these sites that there are no white spots.

On top of these strips of paper is applied another layer of glue for decoupage. All irregularities and edges should be smoothed with a brush. Then you will get an even and smooth paper coating. Please note that when fully dried, you will no longer be able to smooth the edges. Therefore, it is important to do this immediately and quickly, until everything is dry. But take your time, otherwise you can spoil everything even more.

Continue to cover the mannequin with pieces of paper. Lubricate the product with decoupage glue, and lay the strips. In small pieces, cover the area around the mouth, nose, and eyes. It will also be easier to paste over these areas.

When you're done with the top of your head, take a break. It is necessary to give time for drying of this area, how much to wait is indicated on the packaging of decoupage glue. When everything is completely dry, fix the upper part in a large bowl. It must be sustainable. In this form, it will be easier for you to glue everything around the edges. After finishing with all parts of the head, wait a while to dry completely.

The next step is to choose a stand

You can use any reliable firmly standing thing that can hold the mannequin's head in place when placing a headgear on it. It can be an antique plate or a wooden stand, which can be bought at an art store. It is impossible to do without this additional product, because the foam head is lightweight, therefore unstable.

Using hot-melt adhesive, connect the stand and decorative head. Wait for it to dry.

All work on creating the head is recommended to be done in clothes that are not afraid to get dirty, because the whole process is dirty.

Method 3 - foam head

To make a similar mannequin, take:

  1. polyurethane foam;
  2. timber beam with a diameter of 3 cm;
  3. wooden plank;
  4. saw and drill;
  5. one screw, 6 cm;
  6. screwdriver and knife;
  7. dense fabric, can be replaced with velvet;
  8. instant glue;
  9. a construction helmet or any semicircular tank.

Take a regular bag and put it in a helmet. Pour the mounting foam into the resulting container. Completely filling the tank is not recommended. Foam becomes several times larger, so fill only half the capacity. When the foam begins to harden from above, turn it over. So it dries evenly.

After the foam has completely dried, remove it from the helmet and bag. Put everything aside. Proceed to the construction of the base. To do this, take a round bar and drill a hole in it. Then saw off the base of the required size. 7 cm is enough. Drill a hole in the base as well. Combine the resulting parts in one design.

To give an attractive look and mask it a bit with material. Use selected thick fabric or velvet. First, determine how long the material for the beam is required, and cut the part. Using glue, attach the fabric to the bar.

Return to the foam blank again. Take it and start shaping. You can do this using a knife, cutting off its roundness. The head of the desired shape will gradually emerge.

When everything is ready, take the product and cut a hole with a diameter of 2.5 cm and a depth of about 6 cm. Lubricate the beam with glue and shove it into the resulting head. Press the product so that it rises denser and does not swing.

The final touch will be to fit the head with material . Pull the selected fabric on top and fasten it from below with a ribbon or sew.

Using these methods, you can create a good mannequin for hats yourself. In addition, you can decorate the product to your liking, giving free rein to your imagination.