How to make a loop on a towel

For quite a long time, in Russia there was a tradition dedicated to the evening pastime of young girls. The fair sex traditionally gathered in the evenings to pass the time for embroidery.

Unfortunately, now girls are hardly interested in needlework, because beautiful shirts, dresses can be easily purchased at the store. But if there is a desire to decorate your home or make an original gift to a loved one, why not practice your old craft.

Often when buying towels, we find that they have nothing to hang. The article will tell you all the secrets of how easy and simple it is to sew a buttonhole using improvised materials, as well as to decorate her everyday life at home.

What can I make a loop on a towel

The older generation taught this skill in order to instill in the young lady hard work, complaisance and patience. In addition, such a hobby helped not only to shape the character of the young beauty who was being prepared for marriage, but also taught the art of household life. That is why most of the home textiles were skillfully decorated with various colors and decorative elements.

Reference! If you do not want to bother with such a simple element of decor, just buy a satin ribbon that can be easily sewn. Or, on your own, cut out a suitable piece of fabric from the fabric. If you want to approach this process with a creative approach, you can make a loop of thread floss.

Eyelet on a towel: master class

The simplest and most common option is to purchase special clothespins that have mounts for curtains. Hooks can be attached to a hanger on which all towels are located.

If you want to approach the process more creatively, we will need a ribbon up to 1 cm wide. Such material can be purchased at any fabric and needlework store. If there is a sewing machine at home, it is recommended that all work be done on it to make beautiful ties. In case of absence, you need to try to make the eyelet look beautiful.

  1. Before working, lay the material on the wrong side.
  2. A 5 cm tape is cut.
  3. The tape is attached to the towel at the edge, approximately in the corner. Or on the very edge.
  4. The tape should also be located on the wrong side.
  5. The eyelet is sewn several times in order to give it a certain strength.

The work of sewing stitches is an easy enough process that is not so difficult to master in order to show others your sewing skills.