How to make leggings from other unnecessary clothes

All of us sometimes have mountains of unnecessary clothes, which will subsequently be sent to the bin. But do not rush. Each of us can turn old inconspicuous rags into a new, beautiful, and most importantly - useful thing!

Today we will talk about how to make something new from unnecessary old clothes on your own and what else is needed for this. Leg warmers became popular around the 80s of the last century . Initially, they were used only by ballerinas and other dancers, for them it was a necessity, because this element of the wardrobe warms the calves and protects from unpleasant cramps. Now this is a fashionable wardrobe element of every self-respecting fashionista.

What clothes can be made from leggings

In order to sew such a thing, you need something knitted or crocheted. It can be any sweater, cardigan and any other jacket. But some craftsmen can even make leggings out of leggings or tights.

Each of these options has its own characteristics that should be considered when choosing to do exactly what is ideal for you.

IMPORTANT! Leg warmers very significantly lengthen the legs, so some fashionistas want at any opportunity to supplement them with their image. But keep in mind that they will not fit all clothes. It is best to combine leggings with an informal look, otherwise you risk looking ridiculous and ugly.

Pay attention also to the color scheme. It’s best to sew a product in a color that goes well with most of the items in your wardrobe. Of course, you can make non-standard decisions and experiment with colors, but before starting work, think carefully about what you will wear the thing with. Otherwise, it may happen that you have one more unnecessary rag on your hands that has changed only its shape.

Sewing a leggings from an unnecessary sweatshirt

An easy option is to sew leggings from an unnecessary sweater, sweater or jumper.

  • First of all, you will need to cut off the sleeves. The best solution is to choose the sweater that has elasticated elastic in the sleeves. Otherwise, you have to buy it separately and sew it yourself, so that in the future leggings do not fall off your feet.

REMEMBER! By the way, the thing that you take as a basis can be both female and male.

  • Then you need to trim the edges of future leggings. To do this, fold them together and carefully trim with scissors. It will not be superfluous to cover the edges with colorless varnish or glue, because the threads can diverge, and then your leg warmers will disappear, leaving a ball of thread after a couple of weeks.
  • Most craftswomen prefer to turn the edges out; this is a traditional option. Also, if they seem too wide below you can sew fabric with simple stitches.
  • The final stage will be decoration elements to your taste - for example, buttons or any other decorations. The work is finished!

Sewing leggings

Also, old leggings can be a good base material. Everything here is even simpler than in the previous version.

You will need warm leggings that will definitely warm you on cold days outdoors or at home. You just need to cut the desired length, and then process the edges.

There are several ways to do this:

  • sew on a typewriter;
  • process on overlock;
  • walk through them crochet.

It all depends on your imagination and capabilities.

IMPORTANT! The standard length for this item is just below the knees, but this is not a rule. Leg warmers above the knees, similar to stockings, look even more interesting and feminine. In addition, they are much warmer.

Sewing a leggings from tights

They are sewn from pantyhose in the same way as from leggings.

  • You need to trim them and trim the edges.
  • Choose woolen or other warm tights with a nice print and a nice color. It is also important that they look neat and unobtrusive, otherwise a new thing that will look untidy is unlikely to be worn.

Many women decide to make a new thing out of pantyhose, which they liked very much before, but now they are unlikely to wear it. But in order to wear them at home or under the floors of a long coat as a leggings, they are quite suitable.

Thus, you can sew leggings yourself from:

  • sweaters or any unnecessary sweatshirts with long sleeves;
  • leggings;
  • warm tights;

Now you know how to do this, and which material and length to choose is up to you.