How to make glasses from paper?

Children always like to do interesting crafts. But not all parents can come up with interesting crafts on the go. And in this they are prompted by interesting articles where there is a beautiful craft, and a detailed description of it. Original beautiful paper glasses with their own hands. There are 4 models that the child will definitely be delighted with.

How to make paper glasses with your own hands?

Making something out of paper is always very interesting. But there is not only a flat crafts, glasses can be made of colored cardboard. If you are supposed to play masquerade, then it is advisable to use a special stick-pen. Four new models with the most diverse presentation further and a short but very clear description for each model.

Necessary materials and tools

To create paper glasses, you need paper. And you can use different varieties. It can be a simple landscape sheet, colored cardboard or paper. But for a denser frame, if this product is not origami, it is better to use thick cardboard. But the decoration can be made from something lightweight.

Paper glasses on a stick for the holiday

Very cute models of glasses can be made for the holiday . And in addition to them, various figures you like. Such preparation will not pass without a trace, and after such a fun party, the child’s memories will remain for a long time.

To work, use:

  • stick without sharp ends with a diameter of about 0.5 cm;
  • white cardboard;
  • colored paper of different colors;
  • scissors;
  • transparent pencil glue;
  • pencil.


Draw two details on the white cardboard of the proposed patterns. On colored paper, draw this one, and then reduce all sides by 0.5 cm. Simply draw a line next to it that will repeat the pattern.


Cut out the parts and you can start gluing. First, glue the two parts from the white side out of cardboard, then glue the colored paper. It remains only to attach the wand. It is better to use gun glue .

Glasses - a toy for children

An attractive toy is glasses in the shape of pineapples. The baby will definitely like it. Yes, and it will be possible to craft it together, since it is also very simple.

To work, use:

  • color and white paper;
  • pencils;
  • glue;
  • scissors.


For patterns, use strips with a width of 4 cm and a length of up to 15 cm . It is necessary to prepare such strips of 5 pieces, one to make for the jumper between the circles, and it will be shorter in length.


Initially, twist thinner ribbons with a side of about 1 cm from wide strips . Glue for fixing with glue. Twist the rings from the yellow stripes and glue them together. You should get two rings. Make the jumper and parts longer for the ears.

From green paper cut 4 identical Christmas tree figures. Glue in two and insert into small slots on the rings. It remains only to connect in a similar way the ears and the jumper points.

Funny cardboard glasses

Original glasses can be made of colored cardboard . To do this, it will be necessary to make the appropriate patterns, then carry out the assembly using glue . To wear them was convenient, just sew on an elastic band over the edges, as provided for in numerous carnival masks.

Origami Technique

It became very popular to make paper figures using the origami technique. For a child, these are simply irreplaceable crafts. Children certainly like them. Seeing with your own eyes how you can get such amazing things from a simple flat sheet by simply folding. But older children will also be happy to complete a couple of their models.

To work, use:

  • colored paper (blue);
  • glue stick.


Initially, it is necessary to make a square from a rectangular shape of the sheet. Since paper is usually sold in A4 format, and these are rectangular products.

Step 1

Place paper with the white side up on the table. Fold in half to get a triangle.

Step 2

Then set aside 2 cm from the top of the triangle against the longest side, and collapse again. Roll both sides to get white triangles on a blue paper background.

Step 3

Now collapse from the long side of the triangle. Fold strips about 1 cm wide. So fold about 6 times.

Step 4

Tighten the bottom of the glasses approximately 1 cm.

Step 5

Bend the ends of the eyeglass ears slightly, 2-3 cm from the edge.

Step 6

Next, bend the ears completely to highlight areas with ducky and ears.

So the work is ready. In addition, it will be possible to glue the rolled parts with glue, just bend the edges and use the pencil glue to work out the entire product.

Here are such lovely crafts you can do with your child. Maybe he will like such skill.