How to make a fringe of thread

Fringe is one of the most traditional and widespread jewelry for clothes, scarves, stoles and other accessories. It attracts with its simplicity, but at the same time it always looks different. If you have a scarf that seems too strict, and you want to revive it with something, then it will be an excellent option to do the fringe yourself.

How to make a fringe of thread

This is a fairly easy process, which even a novice craftswoman will cope with. There are several ways you can make a fringe of thread. We will consider each in detail so that you can choose the one that is ideal.

Using a ruler, cardboard

You will need to take a ruler or cardboard as wide as the fringe you want.

IMPORTANT! Please note that the decor should be immediately necessary length, and do not cut the threads already on a scarf or other product. Thus, making the fringe even will be much more difficult.

Now wind the thread on a cardboard or ruler. Try to act carefully so that the threads are wound smoothly and beautifully. Then cut one side - so you get the threads of the same length. Then put them in piles of several. The amount will depend on the thickness of the threads. Please note that it is better to take yarn of medium thickness so that it fits optimally to the scarf.

An important point will also be the color scheme - try to choose a shade that is close to or in harmony with the item to be decorated.

Now all that remains is to fix the brushes on the scarf. The knot is on top and forms the desired shape, and the right number of brushes will shape the fringe.

With the help of a second person

This work is best done together - it will be much more convenient and fewer errors. To begin, cut the thread, fold it in half with a loop and tie it in a knot. Then you need a ruler on which you need to hold the threads.

One person should put the loop on the hand, and the second will hold the ruler and perform the necessary actions. The loop located on the left is entered in the opposite, and the left remains on the left.

IMPORTANT! Follow the procedure carefully and do not confuse the loops, otherwise you will have to redo everything all over again.

Then the loops are spread apart, and the second person fastens them at the top. After this, the thread must be returned to its previous position and continue to work.

Repeat the procedure as many times as necessary to obtain the fringe of the desired length. After that, you need to remove it from the ruler and can be used for its intended purpose.

Using frame

Another option would be to make a cardboard frame. To do this, you need several layers of thick cardboard, from which you need to make a frame in the shape of the letter "P". The basic principle is the same - you need to wind threads on it.

Please note that the frame should be dense, smooth and not wrinkled. Also choose the optimal size so that the fringe is exactly what you need. Especially you need to monitor the smoothness of the product - from any damage to the threads will appear puffs, which will make the fringe ugly and unsuitable for use.

Also make sure that the threads do not overlap each other and do not wrap overlapping. This will damage the quality of the finished product.

other methods

There are other ways to make a fringe of thread yourself. Having understood the principle of winding, you can use anything as a basis. Surely in every house there are materials that are no longer needed for anything - try to make the basis of them.

The most important thing is to observe proportions and accuracy. Without this beautiful fringe it will not work. Also attach it properly to a scarf and other clothing. It will not be very pleasant if the jewelry falls off in a few hours or after the first use of the item.

IMPORTANT! There are craftsmen who think that it is possible to attach fringe to the product with glue. This is a rather controversial point - most often glue does not bond the threads well, and in addition, spots, stains and other troubles remain from it. Therefore, it is better not to be lazy and attach the brushes with the help of knots - this is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, but much more reliable.

Carefully select the threads that will be used during operation. Obviously, this is yarn, not thin sewing threads - of course, you can make such a fringe, but it will look a little ridiculous. Too thin material will not hang too nicely, so it is better to go to a specialized store and purchase a skein of high-quality and beautiful yarn.

Now you know how to easily decorate your favorite scarf using only threads and your patience, creativity, as well as a small amount of materials at hand. Thus, you will make any thing unusual and also more interesting and everyone around you will surely pay attention to it. It is also a great opportunity to use what has long been at home idle for good.