How to make a dress for dolls from paper?

Playing with a doll is a traditional and, perhaps, the most attractive activity for girls. The script they take from life, films and books. An indispensable part of your favorite fun is a new dress.

Young children, for whom sewing and knitting are not yet available, are wonderful at making paper clothes with their own hands.

The creative skills obtained in this way help to develop imagination, taste, understanding of the properties of various materials.

Dresses for dolls from paper step by step

What doll can be dressed in paper costumes? First of all, classic cardboard. However, non-woven outfits are also suitable for fashionable Barbie. A paper dress for a doll is not only a game, a children's craft, but also a type of decorative art.

It is interesting that fashion designers came up with such exotic dresses even for real models: they go to the podium in sophisticated suits from any type of paper, for example, sheets printed in a printing house.

Bloggers offer master classes on designing doll outfits with step-by-step execution: in the origami technique, appliqués, from napkins, paper - corrugated and colored.

Cardboard doll

It is painted on thick material, and clothing is attached to it. This fun is still popular: kits for children's creativity are on sale. They give the opportunity to cut costumes and dress paper girls, boys, princesses, brides, athletes . And even study the history of twentieth-century fashion!

It is interesting to come up with a doll yourself and make dresses for her. There are no limits to the imagination. Create your own character, give him a name and dress up in accordance with everyday situations - a task very curious for girls.

Both the doll and the dresses are made one-sided and two-sided. Clothes are drawn after the doll is attached to the paper - measurements were taken along the contour. The fastenings that will hold the dress are drawn immediately over the shoulders and at the waist (young children, when cutting out an outfit, often forget about it) .

Two sides of the dress are obtained by folding paper on top of the drawn clothes. The outfit is cut along the contour of the already drawn part. There are some little tricks here:

  • the shoulders of the doll should be straight;
  • on the back of the clothes you need a cut.

Dresses are easier to make than the doll itself. It must not only be made of thick cardboard, but also to fix the weakest points with tape: the neck and hands break most often during the game. Find a suitable template on the Internet or come up with your own: any option is the beginning of an exciting game.

Outfits for Barbie and her friends

Barbie is a doll, invented in order to dress her up. No matter how many dresses, this fashionista is always not enough. For her, they buy new clothes, sew, knit. But there is a great way to dress up a toy with paper.

To do this, you will need:

  • colored paper;
  • corrugated;
  • Scotch;
  • glue;
  • gum;
  • sequins, sequins, ribbons.

For the smallest children who do not know how to use scissors, a simple way is suitable: fold the paper with an accordion and fasten the dolls with an elastic band on the waist.

The result is achieved: the toy girlfriend is no longer undressed. You can further improve your skills, move on to more complex design.

Doll napkin outfit

White napkins are a great material for a Barbie wedding dress. The first step is to make a cone out of plain paper. It is twisted according to the principle of a bag and fastened with adhesive tape or glue. Then it is necessary to align the bottom of the paper structure with scissors - it must be stable. The top of the cone is trimmed slightly.

How to make a skirt out of napkins:

  • In a standard way, napkins folded four times are cut in the center (according to the principle of paper snowflakes).
  • Expanding each of them, they see a small rhombus in the middle.
  • Each napkin is strung on a paper cone, their edges are arranged in a free order.
  • You may have to spend a whole bundle by the time the entire base is closed.
  • The last strung napkin is the top of the dress: with the help of glue it becomes neat (folded on the sides, like a scarf thrown over the shoulders).

Then they proceed to the top of the dress: a napkin folded three times (slightly shortened) is fixed to the doll with glue. Nothing prevents one from showing imagination: to make a dress openwork, cutting out the likeness of snowflakes from napkins.

Or use colored napkins for “cocktail” dresses, dark blue for “evening” ones. It’s nice to decorate the model as you see fit - with small beads, artificial flowers.

From corrugated paper

Corrugated paper - ideal for children's creativity, its bright colors, stable waviness (“squeeze”) is combined with plasticity.

Only a few steps will be needed to make her a dress for Barbie or any other doll:

  • take measurements on a toy (blouse and skirt separately);
  • make a cardboard cone for the skirt;
  • cut two rectangles from corrugated paper (large and small);
  • fasten a cone glued with corrugated paper to the doll’s waist;
  • fasten and tie a small segment (blouse) with a tape on the doll’s waist;
  • straighten the bottom of the skirt and blouse (about 0.5 cm) in the form of a flounce or ruffle.

There is a super idea for dolls, whose head is removed to change the outfit. Little girls who have just learned to use scissors will easily make a new costume for them. A circle of corrugated paper is cut out (the diameter depends on the height of the doll).

It must be folded four times and cut a small hole in the center. Nearby are small slots for the hands. Dressed in a doll’s neck tunic (sundress, ball gown), decorated with a belt or flower.

It's all about personal imagination. Based on this method, it is worth developing a wedding, evening, beach outfit for dolls of any size and type. The colors of corrugated paper contribute to the development of imagination. If the head of the toy cannot be removed, just make a cut on the back of the dress.

You can peep at nice and uncomplicated ways to make outfits with your own hands on the Internet, and then improve them. Perhaps their own ideas will appear. Masters create real masterpieces: model hats, fabulous jewelry, charming umbrellas and handbags. The game becomes a real art.