How to make a comb from wood

A comb is one of the most necessary items for both women and men. We use it daily. And the condition of our hair will depend on how well it is made. This is especially affected by the material of which this thing is made. The best option, of course, is a wooden item. Wood does not electrify hair, unlike plastic. It is natural and has its own unique aroma. But on sale you can rarely find such an item, so it is best to make it yourself.

What you need to make a comb

Before you begin, you need to prepare everything you need. In this case, the following materials and tools are useful.

  • A wooden die (plank) with the following parameters: length - 12 cm, width - 10 cm and thickness - 0.8 cm.

Attention! From various species it is better to choose a pine, apple or birch.

  • Pencil, ruler.
  • Jigsaw or nail file.
  • Sandpaper.

How to make a comb from wood

After everything you need is cooked, you can start creating.


Consider in detail this process on the simplest option.

Completing of the work

  • To begin with, grind the workpiece to perfect smoothness.
  • Using a pencil and a ruler, mark future teeth from the bottom edge. The width of one tooth is 0.3 cm, and the distance between them is 0.2 cm.
  • Carefully cut the cloves with a jigsaw.
  • If desired, the upper part of the product can be made in a curved shape, as well as decorate with thread.

Advice! A beautiful decor can be an ornament made by burning.

  • Now carefully grind the workpiece.
  • Then the product is covered with stain or varnish.

Comb with handle

You can also create a regular comb with a handle.

  • To do this, take a double length, half of which will be needed for the handle. It is sawn at the procurement stage, it can have a simple appearance or is performed in a complex figured form.

Tooth placement options

In the same way, two rows of teeth can be made on both sides.

Or in one row there may be two tooth sizes.

Which option to use to create, everyone chooses for himself.