How to make a carrot from a towel

It’s too simple and ordinary to give towels in a plastic bag. This does not surprise anyone. Do not think that because of this you will have to refuse a towel as a gift. After all, this is an inexpensive and necessary textile for everyday life, which is always useful in the home. So, you need to present such a gift is unusual. It can be folded in the form of cakes, cakes, animals and flowers. Such an unusual design of terry products will delight those to whom you give them.

We will tell you how to make carrots from a towel.

Origami from towels: general rules

Figures from towels are very popular in Egypt, Turkey, Japan, in this they are real masters. Fluffy products easily fold into amazing figures. You only need to practice this a few times, and then the textile origami technique will be given very easily.

First you need to choose a towel of the desired shade and buy accessories for it .

Advice! Do not choose too dense products for the original twisting. They will be difficult to fold.

You will need to prepare the following.

  • A towel of the required color.
  • An elastic band for money, it is advisable to pick it up in the color of terry things.
  • Glue, colored paper, marker .
  • Double-sided transparent tape .
  • Brooches, stickers and other accessories.

Important! Thin cotton towels are ideal for origami.

How to fold a carrot towel

Carrot is a great gift for Easter. Everyone will be delighted to see such an original present. To choose a terry product for carrots, you need to take into account the size and color of the towel. It should be orange and small. For a whisk, even smaller green towels are suitable .

Operating procedure

  • Twist the orange terry product diagonally .
  • We make twisting absolutely symmetrically from two sides on the sides.
  • We fasten the product with an elastic band of the same color at the end. Then we turn it face out .
  • At the top, insert a green towel or clippings whisk from colored paper .

Carrot is ready!

Important! In addition to orange terry carrots, you can make a bunny out of a gray or beige towel.

An origami towel will be a great and beautiful gift for your loved ones! It takes quite a bit of time, money and energy for this present. But the emotions from such an original design of terry products will be bright and genuine.