How to make a bird out of thread

A thread bird is a good craft for the interior. How to do it, what is needed for this? Can I use it to create an entire composition? We answer immediately - yes. So let's get started.

How to make a bird out of thread with your own hands - the preparatory stage

In the article, we will analyze in detail how to make a bird out of woolen threads. Beautiful birds will decorate the interior of the children's room or will be a good gift for friends and relatives. The process is simple, but interesting.

You need to buy a small set of materials, the main of which is yarn for knitting, take some improvised means (scissors, cardboard, glue) and the bird will appear in your hands. You can also suggest the child to do such a craft, he certainly will not be bored.

Which yarn is better to choose?

Choose a simple inexpensive yarn, suitable floss, wool, cotton or acrylic yarn. The main thing is to decide on the color. Do you want a bright toy or in soothing colors? If you knit, then you probably have threads, yarn. Feel free to use your stocks. Combine colors, add interesting decor.

Tools and materials you need

  • Colored threads of three types;
  • wire to fasten the spout on the yarn;
  • cardboard paper;
  • glue, scissors, pliers;
  • any nut for decoration and glue for fixing;
  • various beads, feathers, rhinestones for decoration.

DIY thread birds - step by step instructions

Option number 1

1. Wrap a piece of cardboard with 3 types of yarn.

2. Combine the black and red threads.

3. Throw all blacks to one side and tie them up.

4 . Put the gray ones under the red threads.

5. Connect the remaining red threads through the bottom with the tail and tie with thread.

6. Throw the gray threads of yarn through the top to the tail and connect.

7. Make a spout out of the nut and put it on the wire. Use glue to fix. Insert into the bird.

If you wish, you can add eyes and somehow interesting to decorate.

The bird is ready!

Another version of the craft. Option number 2. Sparrows

A soft toy can be made with a child. The process is fun, uncomplicated, but the result is a nice little bird.

For work, we need:

  • yarn. Any quality, color is important. For this sparrow we need 3 colors: brown, gray and light gray. To make a motley sparrow - use red, yellow, blue, green;
  • adhesive cloth tape;
  • wire;
  • glue or glue gun for convenience;
  • a small piece of newspaper;

Add decorative elements: beads, rhinestones, feathers, beads. Then your bird will become bright and unusual.

  • 2 cardboard pieces 9X12;
  • scissors;
  • pliers.

Step-by-step process:

1. Wrap 3 types of yarn on cardboard paper. The back of the sparrow will be brown, the chest and wings will be dark gray and brown.

2. Cut the yarn. Wrap brown threads.

3. Next, we fold the threads for the brisket and back.

4. Throw brown threads to one side and tie.

5. As in the previous paragraph, tie a light brown thread.

6. Put a piece of newspaper inside the yarn.

7. From above lay the bound breast and back of the sparrow.

8. Tie and trim the excess.

9. Next, tie the wings and tie them with a thread to the tail.

10. Take the wire and pliers and make the legs. Wrap the paws with duct tape.

11. Make holes in the yarn and place the legs there. Add eyes and nose (it can be made from nuts).


You got a cute little sparrow. It can be presented, worn as a talisman, keychain, or to decorate a nursery.

Option number 3. Bullfinch

We will need:

  • cardboard paper;
  • A4 sheet of paper;
  • glue;
  • paints with a brush;
  • compass;
  • 3 colors yarn. Take the threads of red, white and gray;
  • scissors;
  • pencil, felt-tip pen.

Step-by-step process of creating a bird:

1 . Take a sheet of paper and draw 2 circles: large and small. We draw a tail and a beak to them.

2. Draw the template onto cardboard and cut out 2 such details. Inside these parts you need to cut small circles. Through the bottom we will thread.

3. Add up the details, draw the eyes of the future bird.

4. Wrap with yarn. First red, then add gray and white.

5. Cut the yarn. Insert the thread in the middle. This is the loop for hanging the bird.

How interesting is it to beat a picture in the interior?

Birds from yarn will beautifully complement any interior. You can even create an entire composition. Birds on a tree, on a branch, in a birdhouse.

You can simply take a frame, draw a few strings (perches), and put your birds on them. Take bright threads, and then the picture will be noticeable.

You can make a small birdhouse and add birds to them. Such a composition in the interior will not go unnoticed.

Use birdhouse templates for your picture. At the bottom of the frame, make a small ledge out of cardboard and place your little birds there.

You can decorate the wall in the nursery with a real birdhouse made of cardboard. Add a small ledge from the branch below and plant your beautiful bird on it. Place several of these birdhouses randomly. So, you can easily dilute the interior of the room with bright elements.

Make a whole live composition on your desk or window sill. Place the toys on a branch that can be found while walking.

Or buy a small cage, artificial flowers in a handicraft store and create a beautiful, delicate composition.