How to make bedding soft

For many housewives, the question arises: why is bed linen hard even after the first wash? What to do to make it soft and fresh? You will find answers to these and many other questions in this article!

The reasons for the rigidity of bedding

Coarse calico is a dense cotton fabric of plain weave, so a new product made of this material is always very stiff. But many continue to purchase it for their family, as it has high wear resistance and an affordable price.

Another reason for the stiffness of bedding can be hard water . In most regions of Russia, water contains a large amount of calcareous salts. These salts, deposited on the fabric fibers, make bedding coarser and impair its quality. In order to soften the water it is necessary to use special means.

How to make a bed soft and fragrant

Soft bedding is the key to a comfortable sleep. After several washings, the new product becomes much softer, as starch is washed out of it. But a bedding coarse from time to time can be helped either by air conditioning or tennis or foil balls.

Air conditioning. The easiest way to make the product soft and aromatic is to use conditioner when washing. It can be bought at any hardware store or supermarket, however, if the family has children, then this option can hit your pocketbook.

Tennis or foil balls. Replace air conditioning will help tennis or foil balls. Washing balls help to remove static on artificial fabrics and effectively fight stained spots. To use this simple technology, you need to put a few tennis or foil balls in the washing machine along with the bedding. If the machine has two different departments (washing and drying), then the balls are placed in the drying department. Rolling over linen, they will automatically soften the material.

Home methods and recommendations for soft clothes

Every housewife in the kitchen has vinegar and soda, but few people know that these two components can not only soften hard tissue, but also eliminate strong pollution.

Softening the fabric with vinegar . Vinegar is a versatile softener. In addition to softening the product, vinegar will help housewives to remove powder residues from the product, eliminate various odors and refresh the fabric. This is especially true for mothers with young children.

To soften products with vinegar, you need to pour half a glass of 9% vinegar into the rinse section and start washing the bedding.

Softening the product with soda. Conventional baking soda enhances the effectiveness of the powder and gives the linen softness and freshness. To soften products made of hard cloth, you need to pour half a glass of baking soda into the empty drum of the machine, and then load laundry into it.

Soften bedding with sodium tetraborate . Sodium tetraborate or as it is popularly called - borax allows you to soften hard water and enhance the effectiveness of the powder. You can buy this tool at any pharmacy. To apply these methods, you need to take half a glass of tetraborate and add it along with the powder to the laundry compartment.

Homemade conditioner recipe for softness

You can make air conditioning yourself at home. To do this, you will need a medium-sized vessel and three components:

  • baking soda;
  • 9% vinegar;
  • water;
  • essential oil

A glass of water and soda is added to the prepared vessel, and six glasses of vinegar are poured on top. Do not be alarmed when soda and vinegar enter a chemical reaction, let it be completed and add 6 more glasses of water. To give the air conditioner its own production of aroma, you can add 20 drops of essential oil to it.

When the product is completely ready, it must be poured into a tightly closed bottle. To give softness to the product, it is recommended to use a home air conditioner of half a cup with each wash.

The right wash for softness

In order for the laundry to always remain pleasant to the touch, it is also necessary to follow several simple rules for care:

  • always use extra rinse mode. And to reduce the hardness of the water and soften the laundry when rinsing, add 1 tablespoon of salt to the washing machine compartment;
  • when you turn on the drying mode, it is best to use low temperatures;
  • You can iron only with the “steaming” option turned on.

Proper care of bed linen ensures its long service and comfortable use during sleep.