How to make a bear out of a towel?

Recently, figures made of towels have gained great popularity. Such figures are often used to decorate banquet tables and interiors, as well as used as decorations for small gifts. In some cases, such a bear in itself may be a suitable gift. We will analyze in stages how to make a wonderful product with our own hands in the form of a bear.

What is needed to craft a bear?

The main advantages of crafts of this kind include the low cost and availability of materials.

To make a bear figurine from such a material, it is necessary to prepare the following:

  • A towel whose aspect ratio should be 2: 3. The best choice for this purpose will be a product 40 x 60 cm.
  • Ribbon or decorative braid with a length of at least 1 meter, reaching a width of 2.5 - 3 cm.
  • Thin rubber bands. The best option is clerical, because they are quite durable and at the same time almost invisible. You can use those gum from which children like to weave bracelets.

  • Glue or double-sided tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Buttons or pieces of felt for the design of the nose and eyes.

Advice! The tape is recommended to be selected in accordance with the shade of the towel. You can use the contrast option, if the combination of colors will look quite harmonious.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a bear out of a towel

To make a similar figure from a terry product, you must perform the following steps:

The towel must be laid out on a flat surface. A suitable option for this purpose is a table or bed.

Visually, the product must be divided into 3 parts and fold one of them along the length so that its edge is in the center of the towel. This must be done carefully, avoiding the appearance of creases and folds.

Then the product must be turned so that the wrapped part is on the right side. Then you need to start twisting it to the middle, temporarily fixing the towel with any convenient heavy object.

Similar actions must be performed with the second part of the towel. It also needs to be rolled up into a tight tube and the workpiece locked in this position.

After that, you should turn out the free edges and twist. At this stage, the product must be folded very carefully so as not to spoil the bear's formed legs.

The middle area should be well spread. In this case, the upper part should be clearly indicated - the head of the teddy bear. It must be fixed with an elastic band.

On the head of the figure, you need to form small ears from the towel and fix them, as well as the head, with rubber bands.

Advice! To give the muzzle of the bear extra volume, you can put a little cotton under it.

DIY decorations

You can “revive” such a figure from a towel a little (photo). To do this, glued eyes with buttons and a nose made of felt should be glued to the face of the bear made with double-sided tape. If desired, the eyes and nose can be made of colored cardboard.

To mask the elastic in the neck of the bear, you can make him a beautiful bow from the prepared ribbon. If desired, the head of the figurine can be decorated with a small hat, which is easy to craft from felt.

Advice! Small knitted scarves look very nice on such bears.

For a teddy bear girl, you can sew a tulle skirt.

From ordinary terry towels, you can make a lot of different original figures.

Many needlewomen also make hares, ducklings, swans, owls, snakes and elephants from them.

You can creatively decorate a gift for February 23.

Sometimes I really want to diversify the usual symbolic souvenirs, and give such a simple at first glance, but at the same time quite spectacular thing.