How to make a ball of thread

Threads are an indispensable element in any kind of needlework. The difference of this material is functionality. Threads are used not only as a fixation or decoration, but also to create original accessories or toys. For example, a photo of the stages of work will help in the correct execution of actions.

Necessary materials for manufacturing

At the initial stage, the components required for operation should be prepared. The big advantage of this product is that the materials for the creative process are in every home. In the absence of some details can be found in any store at a low price.

Materials and tools:

  • threads
  • glue;
  • Balloon;
  • petroleum jelly;
  • brush;
  • scissors;
  • unnecessary newspapers;
  • apron and gloves;
  • elements for decoration.

Which threads to choose

When choosing the main material, you can focus on any familiar products .

For a stronger ball, it is recommended to use threads with a dense texture . Thin quickly lose their shape. This can lead to dents on the surface of the finished accessory. The best choice would be yarn.

The color scheme depends on personal preferences . For greater attractiveness, you can use several shades that combine with each other.

What glue is needed

Glue is required for fastening. It is recommended to use silicate or PVA

composition. They do not leave stains, after drying do not acquire a yellow tint.

When choosing PVA, it is better to make a special composition that will precisely fix the structure. This is due to the fact that the product may lose its shape. To prepare the composition, you need 100 ml of glue, about 30 ml of warm water (2 tablespoons) and 50–70 grams of sugar.

Petroleum jelly

Vaseline is needed in the preparatory process. It will help to prepare the air blank for a small transformation, and at the end it is easy to remove it.

Help: petroleum jelly can be replaced with sunflower oil.

Preliminary preparation of the ball and thread

After preparing the tools, you can proceed directly to the preparation of the ball and threads. This stage cannot be ignored, since the final result of the lampshade depends on it in many respects.


For a more comfortable holding, the glue (or glue mixture) is recommended to be poured into a small but deep bowl . Unwind the threads themselves , carefully distribute them .

Being careful, place the material in a container with a solution . This is necessary so that the thread structure is thoroughly saturated with glue. Thus, it will be possible to ensure a tight fit to the balloon, a strong structure and reliable fixation.

The basis

We pass to the basis. The balloon is inflated to the required size . When conducting a creative procedure for the first time, it is recommended to make small accessories.

Special attention should be paid to the density of the product. It should turn out quite stable and durable . The tail is tied in a strong knot.

The surface itself is carefully treated with petroleum jelly or oil . To protect your skin and clothing from stains or stains, we recommend using an apron and rubber gloves. When processing the preparation solution, use a soft brush.

Ball making

When the preparatory work is over, you can begin to create a round product from threads.

Sticking thread

The balloon should be comfortably placed in the hand. The wrapping process must be carried out carefully. Holding the tip with your thumb, we wind the thread around the ball . Winding can be carried out in a chaotic manner . This will contribute to the creation of an original ornament on the surface of the finished product.

Important! When working carefully, make sure that no wrinkles form on the surface. If a possible occurrence, the thread should be carefully removed and rewound.

Strength depends on the number of layers applied. To create openwork balls, the winding should not be too intense . If the second option is used, you will need to make sure that the finished accessory does not lose its density and shape at the end.

When the threading procedure is completed, the tip can be tied into a strong knot or thoroughly greased with residual glue. For additional fixation, the treated surface can be re-treated with glue. To do this, use a brush.

Advice! such an action will help to fix the round base of the finished lampshade and preserve its shape.


It is recommended to take at least two days to dry. The threads must be carefully fastened together and take the necessary round shape.

The best option is to place the product in a hanging position . To do this, attach a thread to the tail and hang it.

You can use other options - drying in newspapers . In this case, the product should be periodically turned over so that the threads do not stick to the paper.

Removing the base

The final stage of creation is to remove the balloon from the decor. To do this, untie the tail and gently blow the ball away .

If it sticks, you can slightly grip it with your fingers so as not to damage the frame itself . If all the actions were performed correctly, the finished ball will retain its shape.

In case of deformation, the product can be gently spread with your hands . This will return it to its original form.

Advice! To remove, you can also carefully pierce the balloon in several places, bleed air and remove from the frame.

Decor Options

Dressing is at your discretion.

For greater attractiveness on the New Year's option, you can add sparkles or small rhinestones located on the threads. When using sequins, the surface is re-treated with glue, after which the decorated material is applied. The ball is left to dry completely.

When using colored threads, the decor is recommended to be carried out even at the stage of forming the ball . Lubricate the end of the tape with glue, place on the threads, and cover with several layers on top.

Attention! Hairspray will not only add shine to the product, but also help to fix the structure.

A ball of thread can decorate any interior. It is suitable as the basis for the manufacture of toys, lampshades or decor items for the room. You can make such a ball yourself, following simple recommendations.