How to look expensive without spending a lot of money

It is easy to look at a million when the bank account has the same citrus amount . What to do if only the appearance of a namesake can bring you to the Forbes list? This is a lot of work, and there is no simple advice like "put on a little black dress and you will be happy." But since we have set ourselves this goal, then let's figure out what will make the budget image worthy of Fifth Avenue.

Personal care

Healthy hair and a neat haircut will add value to the look. Trim split ends in time and tint overgrown roots. The first procedure is inexpensive, and the second can be done independently at home.

Another attribute of an expensive image is clean skin . Spend yourself at least a few hours a week to make a mask, scrub, moisturize your skin with cream . In addition, in stores a lot of inexpensive and high-quality care products. Reviews of affordable cosmetics are often found in beauty bloggers.

Choose a tonal foundation in skin color. Here, too, a lot of budget options, not only luxury cosmetics are good! Find the best brand for yourself.

Secular women of fashion have beautiful and well-groomed pens. Do not forget about daily hydration and monitor the condition of the cuticle. We do manicure at home or find a craftsman affordable.

And remember! A plain manicure without an elaborate design looks more expensive than incomprehensible rhinestones and strange patterns. And in the season of sandals do not forget about the legs and pedicure.


Ironed clothes and clean shoes are invariable components of an expensive image. Make sure that you don’t have pet hair on you. Carry a small roller for cleaning clothes. Take care of things and do not break the rules of washing. And if your favorite stylish blouse is already frayed and lost its former appearance, feel free to send it to rest. A sweatshirt in spools or crumpled skirt will not be saved even by a branded bag.

Wardrobe Planning

The whole science, master it - forget about the problem of " nothing to wear . " Bring a skeleton of things to your style that will fit together. This is not necessarily a pencil skirt and straight pants; choose what suits your pace of life.

I recommend a thorough audit of the wardrobe. Compose and take on-phone photos of the bows that you like. It’s easier to get ready for the exit, because there are always examples of winning images that you just need to get out of the closet. Take pictures of successful wardrobe items that were left without a pair ( for example, there is a great skirt, but there is no suitable top for it) . And in the next shopping raid, pick up the top.

Do not spend extra money on clothes that will only hang in the closet. Shopping wisely is the golden rule of how to look economically “at 100”.

Better one dear than ten cheap

This tweaked reasonable shopping. Think which is better. Buy a T-shirt for 500 rubles, which will lose its appearance after 5-6 washes, and after a month run for a new one. Or take a T-shirt for 2 thousand rubles, which will last a couple of seasons. It is better to focus not on the value of things, but on the cost of socks. That is, wear a cheap T-shirt a maximum of 12 times, taking into account the wash after every second exit. But the dear will endure 40 washings and will serve as many as 80 socks. And what now seems cheaper?

Quality clothing

Nothing betrays the cheapness of things like a curved seam and cheap hardware. Meticulously consider every detail of a potential purchase for flaws. No protruding threads, crooked zippers, strange tucks and uneven buttons. We noticed even a small flaw - we put off the thing and look for another. Be prepared to spend time looking for clothes without flaws.

the cloth

Shovchiki checked, it's time to look at the tab. We look at the composition of the fabric. One hundred percent synthetics are unpleasant to the touch, and it looks cheap. A sweater in which 50% wool and 50% acrylic is more affordable than a natural colleague, but it looks no worse. Blouses with the addition of up to 30% polyester are almost not wrinkled, and it is easier to iron them.

Clothing made from acrylic is quickly covered with spools. And some polyester products look unattractive and outright cheap.


Never, hear, never take a thing that is not sized. Do not need these "lose weight, and the dress will sit better" or "well, even if the jacket is too big, but fashionable . " Every detail should look tailored for you. And for this, study the features of your figure, and choose those things that fit well.


Give preference to shades that look expensive even on fabrics of not the best quality: white, black, beige, deep blue, emerald, marsala, noble burgundy. But with acidic shades, a slip can come out. They immediately give out the cheapness of the fabric.


Do not flirt with prints. If you are not sure, choose the classics: horizontal or vertical lines, a cell.

A plain blouse is better than a cheerful floral blouse.


Minimalism is "our everything." Do not overload the overall look with unnecessary decorations. Let them easily frame the image, emphasizing only the best. Here the principle is simple : select a pair of sets of quality jewelry and combine them together.


Do not save on shoes. This is not only a matter of style, but also of comfort. Patches on the heels of low-quality shoes will not add elegance. And learn how to properly and timely care for shoes. With proper care, an expensive pair of boots will last more than one season.

Well, beige boats are an absolute must-have. Suitable for most outfits and make it an order of magnitude more expensive.

Frame bags

Forget the huge baggy bags. Clear forms and lines emphasize sophistication and attractiveness, add sophistication to the image.

No fakes

Do not buy T-shirts with the Chanel logo on your chest or a purse with prints of famous brands. It gives a rustic chic. It is better to purchase a stylish bag without specifying the brand, the option is more winning and stylish.


They say that black looks expensive, yes, but white is even more expensive. White onion looks very luxurious!

Be more careful with trends

Do not chase fashion blindly. Well, you buy an acid T-shirt, and tomorrow the fashion for them will end. Waste of money. Better buy a silk top that will become part of several bows.

Natural makeup

Natural makeup that suits your color type will complement the rich image. Defining it is easy, it’s worth a little search on the Internet. There will immediately be color tips and specific examples of make-up. Even out skin tone and choose shades of natural shades. Tint the cilia and shape the eyebrows. Highlight the cheekbones and add a blush. Tint your lips - and in this form you can go anywhere .


Do not forget about perfume, this is an important detail. Here it is worth fork out and pick up the perfect toilet water. Remember: in the morning it is better to use a body lotion with the smell of your perfume, rather than choking only awakened passers-by with a rich aroma. In the morning I want to smell only the smell of coffee. But in the evening, a light trail of perfume will leave a pleasant aftertaste from your appearance.

Looking stylish and expensive is a big job. Constantly develop your taste and do not chase trends. Examine yourself and the features of your figure. Build a wardrobe for your needs. Choose what is right for you. An inexpensive dress in a figure looks a thousand times more expensive than a dress from Versace, which is great.