How to lengthen a dress?

Fashion is a capricious young lady. What was trending last spring does not always look stylish next season.

In pursuit of global trends, do not frantically run after a new midi or maxi dress . After all, you can lengthen a skirt or dress at home yourself at the base of existing ones. How to do this so that the product not only does not lose its appearance, but also looks stylish, we will analyze today.

Tips stylists how to lengthen a dress

The fair sex is finicky and selective. We can pick up a wardrobe for hours, going through hundreds of stores, and choosing to remain dissatisfied.

There is another case when a favorite dress or skirt, as a result of improper care or washing, sat down, “jumped” and now looks more like a tunic. What to do in this case? World stylists have a ton of ideas!

According to the world famous stylist Kate Young, there are no bad things, there are people who do not know how to use them correctly. This is also the case with outfits.

Any dress can easily be transformed and become longer in an instant just thanks to a few tricks, even if it is of a direct silhouette:

  • By adding lace to the bottom or at the waist.
  • Making the bottom of another fabric. Moreover, it is not necessary to select identical material. You can, on the contrary, take a contrasting color, or other texture. The main thing is to first attach and try on, and only after that, sew on.
  • Make layering with tulle, organza or other transparent fabrics. Yes, this is a great solution, such outfits are now at the peak of popularity!
  • Sew ruffles, make frill or shuttlecocks. But, keep in mind, if you are the owner of lush hips, then it is better to refrain from such a method of lengthening. After all, the extra splendor of the outfit can visually make the lower part more voluminous.
  • Garnish with a fringe. But this option is ideal for everyone. Falling threads lengthen the silhouette, making it more sophisticated and feminine.
  • Add a train or insert inside the skirt.
  • Create a cape on top of the bottom.

Important! Before you start creating your own unique outfit, think carefully about which option is best for you. On thin girls, ruffles, shuttlecocks, various folds and loops look great. Owners of piquant shapes should pay attention to lace, inner inserts or fringe.

Ways to add length

Sometimes it seems that with stylists, there is no limit to imagination. Each season, new and most unexpected variations of dresses and skirts appear on world catwalks.

Tulle skirts, dressed on top of the dress, creating a delicate look, knitted warm sundresses, complemented by light and weightless lace, can be listed indefinitely . But how to make such a beauty at home? This will be discussed.

Extend with lace

Lace is a versatile and quick option to transform an old outfit:

  • just sew on top of the skirt in one or more layers;
  • break the skirt into several sections in which lace will alternate with the main fabric;
  • letting lace into the waistline.

The first two options will help create a cute, sensual and unusually feminine image. The third is more suitable for fatal beauties who are not used to staying in the shade.

To lengthen the skirt, alternating lace with the main fabric, you need to cut a certain amount and then sew again with the lace again. The technology is quite simple, and the effect is simply amazing.

About the same principle we do with the third way. Clearly measure the waistline and which section you would like to replace. Carefully cut and reconnect the parts of the dress already with the insert.

Important! "Cut the shoulder" is not worth it. It is better to think and compare several times before cutting. Remember, after, nothing will be returned.

Using contrasts

Contrasts are now in fashion and you can easily follow this trend too. To do this, you should compare materials or textures that, it would seem, at first glance, contradict each other.

If you have a dull, monophonic dress, feel free to add a frill from a ribbon decorated with ornaments or a pattern in ethnic style. Folds, shuttlecocks or ruffles will look good.

Too mottled and bright along with thinness and lace will add restraint and romance.

Important! When combining incongruous, it is important to adhere to one concept. Materials should have differences, but also similarities at the same time, be it color, texture, decor elements, etc.

Highlight the waist

What gives the female image a gentle and sensual shape? Right, waist! Therefore, if you want to make a midi or maxi dress, be sure to consider this option.

Want a more frank look? Then give preference to light fabrics and translucent lace. If excessive frankness is useless, and on the sides treacherously reflected a couple of extra sweets, then make inserts from dense fabrics or coarse, lace-shaped.

Important! A harmonious image in which a woman feels comfortable, much more beautiful and sexier than the most revealing outfits. Do not chase fashion, be yourself!

Add frills, frills

Perhaps there is nothing more romantic than frills and flounces. They give the female image lightness, innocence and romance.

Choose fabrics suitable for color, texture and cut the desired section. Teach, you need to take a couple of centimeters with a margin so that during sewing, the dress does not “jump” again.

Ruffles and shuttlecocks, especially if you are an amateur seamstress, it is better to do it separately. Initially assemble and fasten with the help of sewing pins masonry of the required width. Attach to the dress to check how harmonious they look and only then sew on.

Thanks to this trick, you can create real masterpieces quickly and efficiently.

Important! Ruffles and shuttlecocks visually make the silhouette larger. If you already have magnificent forms, then it is better to prefer fringe or contrast inserts.

Create a translucent case

Dresses and skirts with a transparent sheath are now at the peak of popularity. Such a city-bride Cinderella. And no matter how difficult it is to repeat such a masterpiece, in fact, everything is simple:

  • First, select a translucent fabric . It is best to give preference to organza or tulle. Measure the required length, not forgetting the allowances.
  • Sew the edges of the transparent fabric . It is very important that in the future, the finished product has a neat appearance. You can do this by pre-trimming the edges, or use the quick method - sticky term tape with a spider line.
  • Connect the edges of the future skirt . There are two connection options. First, you take a piece of fabric over its full width and you have to connect one side to get a case. Second - you divide the desired width into the floors and cut the fabric, sew.

It is worth noting that the second option is more correct and aesthetic. The first is convenient when it is necessary to lengthen the dress here and now:

  • Now sew the top of the skirt at the waist. We advise you to sweep a quick hand before using a sewing machine, so that at the time of sewing, the top of the skirt does not go in a wave.
  • You can decorate the joint area with ribbon, lace or a small number of sequins. But, remember, the image of a sparkling New Year tree is not in vogue now.

How to lengthen a knitted dress?

Knitted outfits are pretty moody. I just didn’t see how the product immediately wiped out its shape and stopped sitting.

You can lengthen a knitted skirt or dress with lace or lace ribbons, ribbons or satin fabrics and knitted elements. Such options look most impressive and help the dress to play in a new way.

Important! Since knitwear constantly changes shape after washing and tends to stretch, all attached elements should be light, almost weightless.

Make a train

Loops are considered a good option when the dress is extended for any celebration. In everyday wear, such options are not very convenient and practical.

In order to make a train, it is necessary to choose a light, translucent fabric. We measure the required length, process the edges and sew to the main dress.

Important! stick to these steps, and not sew in a new way. Otherwise, the hand will tremble and the outfit will be damaged.

Extend a denim dress

Jeans is a universal material, so it is very simple to lengthen products from it . You can use a different jeans, different in color, or else resort to other methods. For example, add shuttlecocks, lace, inserts with various patterns or ornaments.

Denim products with a light, almost transparent lace look very impressive. This gives the image a gentle and romantic look.

You can extend the skirt with inserts that break the main zone of the dress. And spectacularly looking not just one, but several accents. For example, in the waist zone, and two thin stripes along the length of the skirt.

Advice! To make the denim dress or sundress look boring, add lace, ruffles or flounces, not only to the skirt area, but also to the collar and shoulder area. This simple trick will help combine the idea of ​​a dress and give it a finished look.

How to add length to a short wedding dress?

Wedding dresses are a separate issue. As statistics show, a good half of brides, on the eve of a wedding, look at their dress with eyes full of disappointment . Too short a wedding dress can be improved in minutes by yourself.

To do this, add a translucent case, sew a train or make a gentle frill of light lace. We are sure that such a gentle and sensual image will surely please the groom.

Everyone thinks that creating real masterpieces is difficult and costly, both in time and money. But, everything is exactly the opposite. It is not only easy and simple, but also very interesting. After all, a dress like yours, for sure, and who will not!