How is Italy doing without duvet covers?

Since childhood, we are all used to sleeping under a blanket, which is located in a duvet cover. Parents teach children to use the entire set of bed linen. Moms said that if you do not do this, then the blanket will get dirty faster, and besides, it is unhygienic. But what if you find out that in Italy they don’t use duvet covers familiar to us? They simply do not use this element of bedding. And this to some extent introduces the Russian tourist into a stupor.

Why there are no duvet covers in Italy

For Italians, it’s normal to sleep without a duvet cover. They simply do not buy duvet covers, as they are considered unnecessary. But, despite this, a duvet cover can still be bought in Italy, although it will take a long time to look for a store where they will sell it.

Reference! Italians use this part of bedding, but only as decoration: they fill up a blanket only if they are tired of the color or if it is already old and ugly.

Most tourists and foreigners living in Italy are surprised and even scared by this habit. People who have moved to live in Italy have not been able to get used to this tradition for a long time and are stubbornly looking for shops where you can buy such a piece of bed linen that is familiar to them. Although this is not the only strangeness of Italians, it is this tradition that most surprised foreigners.

How Italians do without duvet covers

Since you already know that it is not customary to use such a part of bed linen in Italy, the question most likely arises, but how do Italians manage without them?

The Italians figured out how to replace the duvet cover. They simply lay a sheet under the covers and tuck them together under the mattress. This creates a kind of pocket in which a person climbs and sleeps. Thanks to this, the blanket does not get dirty and always remains beautiful. In addition, this method makes life easier: after all, Italians don’t have to pull out a blanket from a duvet cover before washing, they don’t suffer, filling it up - they just came up with an easier way.

To the Russian man this option will seem uncomfortable - how can you sleep without putting your foot out from under the covers if it gets hot? .. Or how can you sleep without hugging him with your legs and hands like a big toy? I think that Russian people will never get used to the "Italian" way of making a bed.