How to Iron a Pleated Chiffon Skirt

Pleated items of clothing are distinguished by their lightness and femininity. With the right combination, you get a stylish and attractive look. A distinctive feature of such things is their versatility, they are suitable for any age and physique.

Many girls believe that caring for these kinds of things causes a lot of difficulties, but this is not so, the main thing to consider is some recommendations.

The process of ironing a pleated skirt

The whole process is divided into several stages, which are mandatory:

Pre-preparation of pleated skirt for ironing

It should be understood that the folds are created in the factory using special compounds. In the process of processing the fabric at home, it is required that the material retains its shape. To do this, wash the fabric manually or with a washing machine in the most gentle mode.

After washing, it is advisable to use an air conditioner to exclude the possible electrification of the fabric. To maintain the shape, you need to make several stitches that fasten the folds, the main thing is to use a thin needle and thread so that there are no holes on the clothes.

Washing is carried out in a special bag for things or a nylon stocking. And drying is required on the shoulders without self-expansion of the folds, in order to avoid their deformation. Ironing is carried out in a wet state.

It is carried out only in a horizontal position with a correctly selected low temperature.


After preliminary preparation, you can start the ironing process. To do this, turn the clothes inside out and iron the lining and internal elements (pockets). Next, iron the skirt belt with a slight pressure on the iron. Folds are processed only through wet gauze so that they are exposed to steam.

We turn it on the front side and iron the belt and seams through gauze. Next, we remove the previously made seams and hang the thing on the shoulders.

The nuances of handling pleated clothes

The acquisition of such things requires careful observance of the recommendations for selection and care. Before buying, you should pay attention to the labels, if it is not subject to home processing, and requires only dry cleaning, it is better not to purchase this product.

Strict adherence to washing and ironing is desirable. Drying should be carried out only on a hanger, the use of clothespins is excluded.

If the folds are gone, then the use of laundry soap will be required. From the inside, they are oiled and then ironed. You can apply a special composition for these purposes. With proper drying and washing, you may not need subsequent ironing of the skirt.

How to iron a chiffon dress

Chiffon is distinguished by its finicky, it requires frequent ironing. The process is quite painstaking and requires attention. There are several points that are mandatory in the process of caring for this material:

  • Ironing should be from the wrong side;
  • The thing should be a little wet;
  • Do not use steam and sprayer; spots may remain;
  • It is required to cover the product with gauze or paper;
  • You can put a wet towel under the item.

These recommendations will greatly facilitate the process and will not allow to spoil the delicate tissue.

Let's consider ironing options for this material in more detail.

How to smooth chiffon at home from creases and creases

There are several ways to iron. Before choosing a particular option, you should carefully read the labels and study the indicated recommendations for care. Consider ironing using various methods:

  • Using an iron, a chiffon is ironed only adapted to this. The device must be absolutely dry, and the process is carried out strictly on the wrong side. The iron is carried out with light movements without excessive friction on wet tissue, the process should begin with a lining;
  • Using a hot bath or shower for steaming. To do this, you need to fill the bathroom with steam and hang the thing on the shoulders there for a couple of hours. After that, leave it also on the hanger until it dries completely;
  • Hot kettle (carefully), the method of smoothing using steam from a boiling vessel is used here. The main thing is to be careful and gently iron to avoid deformation of the fabric;
  • A steam generator is a simple method that requires processing things that are in an upright position. Care should be taken to avoid stains;
  • Using conditioner, water and vinegar while rinsing and proper drying will help to avoid deformation of the fabric.

How to prevent creases and creases on chiffon

A chiffon product is a delicate and airy thing that is very capricious to wear. She often creases, and the powder adversely affects her appearance. In order for the thing to remain bright and beautiful, while maintaining its original shape, you need to remember the rules for caring for it:

  • washing can be carried out using a mustard solution, which does not require friction to remove stains from the material;
  • you can not wring a thing;
  • when machine washing low temperatures and gentle mode are used;
  • the use of steam for ironing should only be in the case of a suitable fabric composition;
  • ironing is carried out accurately and only in a wet form;
  • You can dry it in a purged room without sunlight, you can not hang a thing on batteries.

Using these recommendations will allow things to remain in good shape, and the hostess to look spectacular, delicate and stylish. In addition, using these rules, you can significantly facilitate the processing of fabrics, saving time and labor. Also, recommendations will help maintain the shape of the tissue for a sufficiently long period of time.

If you still have questions about the care of chiffon materials and air items, you can watch the video.