How to grease a zipper on a jacket?

Many of us are familiar with the situation when in the morning, leaving home, you put on outerwear or shoes, and the lightning is stuck in the middle and does not move. In a hurry, we are nervous, we begin to pull it with force, and in the end we tear off the slider or deform the teeth. Repair threatens to be late for work, spoiled mood and the need to buy a new thing. Let's look at the causes of this unpleasant situation and effective ways to quickly eliminate it.

Tight zipper on the jacket: reasons

There can be several reasons for jamming a zipper:

  • a tight slider, perhaps a slight displacement or punching of one of the sides;
  • foreign matter adhering to small substances, for example, washing powder, dirt, a piece of foliage;
  • hit in it of a lining fabric or threads;
  • skew slider on the castle's snake;
  • deformation of one or more links;
  • undeveloped zipper on new wardrobe items and accessories.

How can a zipper be lubricated if it sticks?

If the purchased product was not worn by anyone, and the clasp refuses to work normally, do not rush to carry it back to the store. This minor problem is easy to fix when you have the right lubricants at hand.


For the development of metal lightning, the best and most elementary method is polishing with a pencil lead. Move them along the ledges, after which the sliding of the slider will improve.

Alternative methods also suggest the use of grease with pork fat or camphor oil, but they are not always applicable. They can try to revive the zipper only on leather jackets and coats.


For a plastic lock, a stearin or wax candle and dry soap are perfect. It is necessary to carefully connect it and from the wrong side spend several times with soap or a candle. Then shake off the excess and try to open and close the plastic fastener several times.


All of the above methods are applicable in this example. But the best option would be to purchase a special silicone-based product sold in stores that is suitable for all types of zippers. A brush applicator comes with it, which makes the work much more comfortable. This type of fastener is the most vulnerable and requires a more delicate attitude.

On the forums, some girls suggest using hairspray. It leaves no traces after itself and quickly disappears.

Important! Before using it, try on a small piece to avoid damage to the product.

Precautionary measures

Important! Before carrying out the above manipulations, for a start, you should make sure that there are no foreign objects on the cloves or lining in the slider.

  1. If you notice any adhering dirt, take a toothbrush moistened with water and carefully remove it. If it is inside the device, you can remove it with some sharp object: a needle or the tip of a knife.
  2. When the slider has stalled, in no case do you need to make an effort to move it . So you can permanently disable it, after which it must be completely replaced.
  3. If the slider is curved, it will need to be removed. To do this, dismantle the upper stops without damaging them, since installation back will already be problematic. The slider can be purchased on a retail network or removed from an old unnecessary lock.
  4. Plastic snakes can melt when ironed with a hot iron, so avoid contact or cover the lock with a thick cloth.

We hope that these tips will help you restore the lightning defect and keep it working for a long time without resorting to the services of the workshop and without returning the purchase to the store.