How to glue the sole of shoes at home

Even the best quality shoes during use can be damaged, as they are constantly exposed to moisture, dirt, or even just time. The sole of the shoe is more damaged, because it is exposed to constant loads. Over time, cracks and severe tears may appear on the sole.

Ideally, a damaged pair should be taken to a workshop by a professional. However, if this is not possible, then you can make an independent shoe repair. Refurbished shoes can serve you well for a long time. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to seal a hole in winter shoes at home.

Eliminate small cracks on the sole

First, consider the options when a small flaw appeared on the material.

Materials and Tools

To repair small cracks in the sole, we need the following materials and tools.

  • Rubber glue "Moment".
  • Any solvent.
  • Permanent marker.
  • Scotch.
  • Detergent.
  • Latex gloves.
  • Sponge.
  • Putty knife.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Hair dryer.

How to glue

Many small cracks on the sole can soon lead to serious damage, which is why this problem must be dealt with. Repair can be done as follows.

  • Wash the shoes thoroughly with detergent, and then dry them thoroughly.
  • Mark on the sole areas where there are a large number of microcracks. We will work with marked areas of shoes.
  • Use fine sandpaper to clean the surface. We will create a rough surface, so the glue will grip perfectly with the sole of the shoe.
  • Put on rubber gloves, then dampen the sponge in solvent and treat the sole. So we will not only remove particles from sandpaper, but also prepare the material for gluing.
  • After solvent treatment, use a hair dryer to dry the cracked sole.
  • Apply a 2 mm layer of glue to the damaged areas, it must be evenly distributed with a spatula.
  • After half an hour, tape must be glued to the glue and the future base of the shoe should be leveled .
  • Now leave the boots for 24 hours to dry completely, only then you can use them for a long time!

Attention! It is dangerous to work with solvent, therefore gloves must be worn. Work must only be carried out in a well-ventilated area.

If the sole burst

If the sole is cracked after the warranty period, a more complex restoration option is required.

What will be needed for repair

  • Scotch.
  • High-quality polyurethane adhesive.
  • Soldering iron.
  • Small spatula.
  • Copper tip for a soldering iron (you can take any piece of wire that is suitable in diameter, since it will have to be thrown away after repair).
  • Fiberglass mesh.
  • A little brush.
  • Acetone.
  • Hair dryer.

Important! Buy polyurethane glue only from well-known brands, for example, TEROSON. There are quite a lot of fakes on the market at this time, so you need to be more careful when buying.

Advantages of Polyurethane Adhesive

You can use other types of glue, but we advise you to buy polyurethane, as it has the following advantages.

  • Good elasticity, so it will not crack when using shoes.
  • Glue has high tensile strength.
  • Increased bonding allows you to repair any shoes.

How to fix a cracked sole

  • First you need to wash your shoes well to remove dust and dirt. After that, it must be thoroughly dried.
  • Bursting places should be treated with cotton pads dipped in acetone .
  • Next, insert the tip into the soldering iron and turn it on, now wait 5-10 minutes for the tip to heat up well.
  • Using a soldering iron, melt the sole material a little deeper. We will continue to pour glue into these recesses.

Attention! Be careful when creating recesses! No need to go deeper into the material by more than 5 millimeters. If you melt deeper, then you can ruin the shoes.

  • Wait for the shoes to cool and treat the area again with acetone . This is to remove traces of your hands and dust from the soles. So glue sticks better to the material. At the end of the treatment, the shoes should be dried with a hairdryer .
  • Using a brush in the recesses on the sole, apply a layer of glue of 1 mm . After that, wait 5 minutes for the glue to dry a little.
  • Then cut a fiberglass mesh over the width of the shoe and stick it on the glue . To do this, on top you need to apply another 1 thin layer.
  • Then apply glue on the spatula and begin to fill in the recesses . Approximately 2 mm should be left until fully leveling with the sole.
  • After this, lay the fiberglass pieces, this is necessary to strengthen the repaired areas.

    On top of the fiberglass, a final layer of glue is applied . Be sure to carefully align it and remove the excess.

  • After 5 minutes, cover the areas to be repaired with adhesive tape . This is done so that the glue does not leak.
  • Now you can turn the shoes over and leave in a warm place for 12 hours, only after that the glue will dry.
  • Next, remove the adhesive tape from the shoes and carefully inspect. If polyurethane glue is leaking in some places, then cut it off with a clerical knife.

This repair is fully completed, and you can use the shoes for a long time!

Now you know how to repair a damaged sole. We wish you good luck with the repair!