How to fold a towel into a straw?

Most families live in small-sized apartments, so the actual task is to use the area to the maximum. The absence of pantries, wardrobes or convenient fitted wardrobes, where there are many sections and shelves, makes the hostess save space in all ways. For example, neatly and compactly folded things always take up less space.

The order on all the shelves will allow not only to empty the shelves, but also create a beautiful laconic arrangement of towels.

Advice! The process of folding (twisting) towels can be turned into a game, and take the whole family. It is interesting and exciting.

Your interior with new ideas will sparkle with bright colors, and will be more romantic.

Types of towels

Products and home textiles in large quantities are produced by Russian and foreign manufacturers.

Towels differ not only in materials, but also in purpose:

  • cotton products are considered universal;
  • waffle - convenient for hands (feet) and the kitchen, they are easily erased, therefore they are loved by mistresses;
  • also kitchen items from linen, as well as for hands;
  • velor - ideal for the shower;
  • in the trend of models from bamboo, this is a natural material for home textiles, but hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities are just a gift for children;
  • microfiber towels - artificial products with light weight, an important property - does not require ironing.

Classic towel folding methods

Not every housewife is familiar with all the methods of folding towels; we’ll tell you about popular classic methods:

Classic - the product is folded three times in length, after which the edges are folded to the middle. Then roll in half.

French - first ¼ should be folded to the center and smoothed with your hands. The opposite edge is folded to the other end of the product. Then turn the towel over and fold it in half again. Then fold 3 times.

But the most interesting method of folding towels is the spa method, a spectacular video.

Spa Method - Stylish Roll

Another name for the folded product in the SPA style is “American roll”. It is in US hotels that compact folding of different sizes of towels is common. All products can be beautifully assembled into the tube with smooth rollers so that not one is untwisted.

The first option for folding towels

Folding Stages:

  • Add 1 corner of the towel to the center.
  • Then fold in half along the length of the product, and then turn the towel over.
  • We turn it up with a tight roll, fill the tip of the towel into the formed “pocket”.

The second option is folding roller

This addition method is the simplest:

  • Fold the towel in half in width, then again.
  • It turns out the rectangle, we turn it tightly into a flat roller.
  • For beauty, it is often tied with a ribbon, so the product will not fall apart and will be held securely by the roller.

Thus, towels of any size can be folded. Products are stored for a long time, do not crease, and take up little space. They will advantageously look, for example, on a shelf in the bathroom.

Tips for housewives

It is necessary not only to know how to correctly fold the products, but also to store them. Much also depends on proper care.

Important! Of great importance is the type of cloth towels. Before washing, be sure to study the label with recommendations.

The most common material is terry products. It is important to maintain soft fluffiness. Wash at 30-50 degrees, it is also necessary with plenty of water, if in a car, then up to 800 revolutions, then rinse thoroughly.

Use only liquid detergents: soft shampoos or gels. So you can easily maintain the original color and quality.

For softness, it is recommended to use small plastic balls, which should be thrown when washing into the drum of the machine.

Squeeze also not too hard. It is better to hold in a slightly salted water before drying. If necessary, iron only with steam up to 150 degrees.