How to fold a towel beautifully as a gift

In recent years, a towel has become one of the most preferred and versatile gifts. They are presented to both men and women and even children. Textiles of good quality will always come in handy in any home or even become a decoration of the bathroom. However, it is considered unacceptable to give the product in open form, without packaging and decorating it. It is necessary to beautifully arrange your gift so that the person presented is pleased to receive such a gift, and the donor was not ashamed of the presentation.

A towel as a gift - is it acceptable?

For those who believe in superstition, a towel is an unacceptable gift.

According to signs, such a present brings discord to the family, leads to separation and quarrels. However, most people still do not believe in such predictions, so they are willing to give friends and family such a cozy home accessory.

Today in stores you can find a huge number of varieties of towels:

  • bath;
  • beach sheet;
  • waffle;
  • canvas for hands, face, legs;
  • products for fitness;
  • original products in the form of hats, tunics and other varieties;
  • sets of several towels.

All of them differ in size, shape, materials and nature of the picture. Probably every housewife, passing by shelves with terry products. And running a hand over them, he thinks about buying a few more pieces for his house. And this is despite the fact that the house has the necessary set of towels, which are used daily. That is why a towel is considered a good gift for any occasion.

Before buying such a practical present, you should clarify the opinion about the superstitions of the hero of the occasion. Perhaps it is he who firmly believes in superstition and will be unhappy with such a gift.

Most often, beautiful towels of large size, bath or beach, with original drawings or ornaments, decorated with embroidery or stripes in the form of ribbons, are chosen as a gift . Such a present will be appropriate on any holiday, including birthday, weddings and others. Small towels for household needs are most often presented to friends and family on New Year's holidays.

Ideas for a beautifully folded towel as a gift

Giving a gift beautifully is a real art. But for this you do not need to have certain professional skills or complete special courses. Having shown a little imagination and having a certain amount of time, you can create an original design of even the simplest and, at first glance, unattractive object.

A towel can be presented spectacularly and very beautifully, so that a person who is given a gift does not even realize at first glance that there is a banal towel for the bathroom. For this, there are several design options and many variations on the theme of different objects.

As a gift to a woman

For the fair sex, the most common type of decoration are various confectionery products. The most popular are :

  • various cakes (round, square, triangular in small packages "portioned");
  • rolls (simple and beautiful design. often complemented by various decorative elements);
  • cakes (use several textile products and decor elements to present a gift in an original and beautiful way);
  • cocktails (complement the scenery);
  • bottles (simple and unusual solution);
  • soft toys (the option is more complex, but definitely original and unusual).

Girls love everything beautifully designed and bringing aesthetic pleasure. A towel, packed in the form of a beautifully decorated cake or a small cake, will please the lady much more than just a bath product wrapped in a bag or box.

Gift for a man

Representatives of a strong half of humanity are more likely to find simple and concise design options.

Rolled up in tubes and laid in a beautiful gift wrapping or folded in several layers, packed in a tin can. This is a common gift for Defender of the Fatherland Day - February 23. A simple and very necessary gift, served in an attractive packing box, will delight the “protector” and become a favorite accessory in the man’s bathroom.

You can also make a real set of a gentleman by combining a bath towel folded in the shape of a square, complete with a greeting card and fragrant soap or shower gel. All this should be put in a gift bag. A box or just bandage a beautiful ribbon.

You can do without soap and gels by collecting several towels of different sizes, for the face, body and legs, for example. A beautiful ribbon in tone and a greeting card from above will perfectly complement the universal present.

With love to a child

Children value practical gifts a little, so you should arrange a towel so that the child is interested in unwrapping it. It can be a beautiful package in the form of a colorful bag with your favorite characters or a similar cardboard box, as well as a good option - roll up a towel in the shape of a soft toy. Children will definitely like to unwrap such a gift.

Before packing a baby towel, it is better to check with his parents for information on the favorite characters of the animated series, and try to fold the product in this form.

The most common options for making presentations to children are:

  • bear;
  • cake;
  • cake;
  • elephant;
  • Bunny and others.

In any case, for a child, a towel rolled in the shape of a soft animal will be much more interesting than simple boxes and gift bags. Therefore, for packing a gift for a children's holiday, you will have to devote a little more time than for adults.

Gift wrapping workshop

Making a towel as a gift does not take much time and does not require special knowledge . However, for the construction of complex figures, it is better to turn to master classes and video materials, so generously presented on the network. This will help reduce time costs and improve the quality of the resulting animals.


For children's gifts or presentations, the beloved woman is often chosen to form an animal from the terry sheet. For this, most often, special devices and holders are required so that the figure does not fall apart before falling into the hands of the hero of the occasion.

For work, you may need various decorative ribbons, flowers, fruits and containers in the form of boxes, baskets. Do not limit your imagination, fresh ideas always bring a little creativity.

You can build a cute bunny by folding the terry product into a triangle and twisting it into a horseshoe-shaped tube. Then the resulting figure is pulled with an elastic band slightly stepping back from the free corners of the product. The "ears" of the hare are slightly fluffed and shaped with the help of a second elastic band. You can also tie a beautiful ribbon and decorate the product with eyes and a nose.

Bear is also a very common version of the figure. It will take two towels. The first of them is twisted into a roll and folded in half. This will help shape the lower limbs of the brown bear. Then the resulting figure is placed between the halves of the second towel folded in a similar way. After that, the head, ears and paws of the animal will be formed with elastic bands.


Fold the product in the form of flowers will not be any problem. To do this, you need a voluminous box or basket. You can combine a gift with attractive shower gels and other bath products.

Each towel prepared as a presentation, is wrapped tightly around the bottle with a bath and shower agent and fixed with a rubber band. After a certain number of such flowers is formed, they are beautifully placed in a basket. It can be supplemented with decorative artificial flowers, leaves and satin ribbons.


For girls with a sweet tooth, the original solution will be a gift in the form of a piece of cake or roll. The first option is quite simple in execution and requires folding the towel with a triangle and forming a “piece of cake” from it with a few additions. As a rule, such presents are placed in transparent cake boxes and decorated with ribbons, artificial flowers and fruits.

It’s even easier to form a roll from a towel; it is rolled up with a tight roll and bandaged with a beautiful ribbon. It can also be stacked in a beautiful transparent or dense holiday box and decorated with decorative elements.