How to fold a pig from a towel with your own hands?

The art of folding towels of various figures of flowers and animals came from Japan. This is an effective way to present a gift. And since the symbol of the current year is a pig, you can roll this product for a gift in such a way as to give it the shape of this animal. So, how to make such a pig yourself?

What do you need to make a pig?

In order to make a pig from towels, it is necessary to prepare the following materials:

  • terry bath or kitchen waffle products (there may be one or more);
  • cardboard, or even better, a self-adhesive film of a dark and light color to create eyes;
  • plastic eyes for soft toys can be used for eyes;
  • in the form of a nose, a larger button is suitable;
  • several elastic bands that resemble ordinary Hungarians and are used to bandage bundles of banknotes in a bank;
  • satin ribbon;
  • glue in the form of a pencil.

Which towels are suitable and which are not?

In order to make a pig, you need to choose a medium or large towel . Minimum dimensions should be 40 by 50 cm or 30 by 50 cm. A product smaller than this is not suitable for making a pig. As for how the material should be - terry, waffle will work best.

Step by step algorithm how to make a pig

There are several ways to make a pig. Each of them differs in the number of products that will be required to form the figure. In addition to the whole animal, only its head can be executed.

From one towel

  1. In order to make a pig figure out of one, it is necessary that its size be about 50 cm wide by 80 cm long.
  2. At the first stage, it must be spread on a flat surface and symmetrically twist it to the middle along the long sides.
  3. The resulting double roller is folded across so that one part is longer and the other is shorter. In addition, the outside should be an even plane of the fabric, and the rollers should be wrapped inward .
  4. A button is placed under the short part of the upper fabric to form a patch. In order for it to be fixed, they tighten it through fabric with a rubber band.
  5. Then, a piece of elastic is also wrapped around the top to form the pig’s head.
  6. The lateral parts of the bent towel are also wrapped with elastic to form triangular ears.
  7. After that, you need to glue the eyes and two black dots on the glue that will form a patch.
  8. Tie a ribbon over the elastic band that separates the head from the body.
  9. Bend the long part, folded into two rollers, so that visually it looks as if the animal is sitting.

From two towels

Pig can be made from two towels. In this case, the body is formed from one, and the head from the second.

  1. Larger in size spread out on a flat surface and at the same time from two edges turn towards the center. In this case, twist along the short side to form two thick short rollers .
  2. Bend in half in the transverse direction, but so that the rollers look outward.
  3. From the folded rollers, the corners are pulled outward so that they form a conical shape imitating the limbs.
  4. At the same time, the upper layer of fabric should be pulled to the center of the towel to form folds.
  5. After that, take the upper and lower left corners in the left hand, and the right upper and lower corners in the right hand and pull in different directions. This will form the body of the pig.
  6. An animal’s head is formed from a smaller square towel.
  7. On the one hand, the angles are folded together, and the formed external acute angle is bent down.
  8. The two parts are folded into the rollers towards the middle, and then turned outward so that the opposite edge forms two sharp triangles. It will be ears. To fix the body and head with rubber bands.
  9. In order to connect the parts, you can use a thread with a needle. Only need to be fixed at two points, do not lay too many stitches.
  10. After that, glue the black dots to form the eyes and nostrils of the patch.
  11. As a bonus, you can stick or sew on a button.

Or such a step-by-step scheme:

Their three towels

A mug of 3 towels is made similarly to that made of two parts. But only additionally in this case, a tail is formed from a small product. To fix it, you can also use a needle with a thread.

How to make a pig’s head

The pig’s head can be rolled up from a small square hand towel:

  1. To do this, it is necessary to fold it diagonally, and then roll it into a roller starting from the corner.
  2. Next, the design is folded in half, so that the corners are on top, and the bent part is at the bottom.
  3. After this, it is necessary to take two corners and fold them so that the ends are on top and touch the middle of the whole structure.
  4. Now elasticize that part of the towel that is on top - it will be a muzzle with a patch. The rest is the head with ears.
  5. After the main parts are formed, glue or sew on the buttons, which will be the eyes and nose of the pig.