How to fold men's underpants compactly

Underwear is a must-have accessory in any wardrobe. Like any thing, lingerie requires special care and storage conditions. In order to properly fold and store men's underpants, several methods presented in this article will do.

Compact folding options

The rules of compact packaging for men's underwear help eliminate several difficulties at once. First of all, the appearance of additional space in a chest of drawers or wardrobe should be noted. It is useful for folding other products in the wardrobe and will solve the problem of lack of space. In addition, the linen will always have a neat and tidy appearance, wrinkles or creases of the fabric will not form on the surface. This will significantly extend the life of the product .

Addition : such an organization will help eliminate unnecessary clutter on the shelf.

The folding technique is selected in accordance with the model of the underpants themselves.


For boxers, a square will do. To do this, fold the sides so that a rectangle is obtained. The lower and upper half are bent a few centimeters to each other. The lower part folds neatly under the gum. Such squares occupy a minimum of space, and the fabric itself does not unfold.

A package is also suitable for storing boxers. The gum of the underpants should be turned upside down. Fold the product with side seams to each other. Carefully smooth out the creases that have appeared. The lower part of the product is neatly folded into a tight roll towards the elastic. After a tight roller is formed, fix the material with an elastic band.


Comfortable family briefs are formed according to a different technique. Briefs must be carefully straightened, folded side seams to each other. Fold the top edge to the bottom, repeat the procedure. This will make a dense square . This method can be used when collecting baggage for travel.

Slips, thongs

Slips are distinguished by an elastic but durable rubber band. For their storage, a tight roll option is suitable. The middle must be carefully pulled to the belt. In this position, the pants are rolled into a tight roll . The option is suitable for both home storage and for picking in a suitcase.

Help : the option is useful for storing strings.

Swimming trunks

Swimming trunks can be folded according to the egg method . This method is quite complicated, but allows you to fold the accessory into a tight roll, which takes up a minimum amount of space. Lay the panties on a flat surface with a belt to you. Wrap the elastic band three times away from you. After turning the linen back half up. Fold the gum halves, fold onto each other. Fold down the remaining middle part. As a result of such folding, a pocket is formed. The bundle must be carefully turned out through the resulting pocket. It turns out a tight and small roll, which is useful for storage on a shelf or in a travel bag.

Tip: this method can be used to organize the space in the wardrobe.

Tips for easy storage of men's underpants

  • For more convenient folding and picking in a closet or chest of drawers, the underpants should be carefully straightened . Crumpled products are much more difficult to stack. In order to prevent wrinkles on the fabric, it is recommended to remove the laundry from the washing machine immediately after washing.
  • In the process of folding, it is necessary to ensure that there are no wrinkles or creases on the surface, and all seams should be fully consistent with each other. When working, the material should be carefully spread.
  • Properly organizing a place on the shelf will help the distribution of cowards into categories . Boxers, swimming trunks or family products can be categorized, only an accessory of a certain style can be stacked.

    In order to prevent the possibility of clutter in the closet, the laundry must be laid out immediately after washing.

Underwear for men, like any item of clothing in the wardrobe, is no less demanding for storage. For proper distribution of space in the cabinet, several methods will come in handy. With their help, the probability of disorder on the shelf will disappear, and the cowards will always be in perfect condition.