How to fold children's underpants compactly?

In every house or apartment to create comfort, one of the priorities is order. It is so pleasant when all things are neatly folded in their places. It’s quite difficult to put things in order in the children's room, kids and teenagers are real fidgets. Since childhood, parents should instill in every child a love of order, neatly folding their clothes and clothes.

Underwear is one of the elements of a children's wardrobe, which is compact and beautiful to fold is not so difficult. Read on for the most common methods.

Ways of compact folding baby panties

Learning to fold clothes is actually quite simple. You can compare this process with tying shoelaces: after several workouts, we remember the way for life. Consider several ways that both a parent and a child can handle.

The roller

This option is good in that it does not break up and is convenient both for compact storage in a closet and for travel. To begin, turn the gum inside out by about 3-5 cm, and straighten the remaining fabric. Then fold the right and left sides to the center to get 3 layers. After that, it remains only to tightly roll up the underpants with the roller from the bottom up and pull the upper part wrapped inside out over the convolution. Panties folded in this way will not unfold without your help.

A small square

A square is most convenient for folding boy's underpants like boxers. This method allows you to very compactly store underwear even in an upright position, for example, next to the box . Nothing gets messed up and doesn't fall apart. For this you need:

  • put the panties face up and smooth with your hands;
  • fold the sides to the center, resulting in a rectangle;
  • then you need to fold the pants in a vertical line in half;
  • then bend five centimeters from the upper gum and the lower part, while the lower fold must be turned under the upper belt. After these manipulations, you get a square that is securely fastened, so it does not fall apart.


This option is one of the easiest for a child. In order to gently roll up the panties, you must:

  • lay them on a flat surface and bend the bottom to the top so that the bottom line is at the level of the elastic (roughly speaking, fold them in half);
  • after that, all that remains is to roll up the briefs from one end to the other. As a result of these actions, you will get a small “tube” in the form of which it is very convenient to store linen.


Fold the panties with an envelope - easy. In form, the result will look like a square, but it is less functional in that sense, so that it does not get fixed. This means that you need to store panties carefully, and get the necessary linen so as not to stir up the entire pile . However, you need:

  • bend the bottom of the pants up so that it is exactly at the level of the belt;
  • Now bend both sides alternately towards the center so that you get a square envelope. Turn over panties. Everything is ready!


Use this method on boxers or shorts. It consists in the fact that you need to fold the linen in half in different directions several times. Always make sure that the seams match: this is how the shape of the “package” will look neater.

  1. To begin, fold the underpants in half in a vertical line: lay one side part on top of the other.
  2. Then you should turn them half a turn (90 degrees) and fold them in half again.
  3. The result is an elongated rectangle.
  4. In the end, just fold it in half again: you get a square that is convenient for storage.