How to fix points if the arm breaks?

Glasses are not only an important item for those who cannot boast of perfect vision, but also a great accessory. They can be sun-protection, without diopters, with magnifying glasses, and be used for a variety of purposes. Choosing the right glasses for yourself in the form and design of the frame can be quite difficult, but in addition, this is not the most budgetary purchase.

What to do if the shackle of glasses suddenly breaks off? Can I fix it on my own or will I have to turn to professionals and spend my money? You will learn about all this in this article.

Necessary materials

To fix the bow in some simple cases, of course, you can. This will not require special skills and abilities, therefore, even the average owner of points will cope with the task.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the type of breakdown, on which the list of necessary materials and tools, as well as the sequence of actions, will depend.

Most often, you have to deal with the weakening or loss of the screws of the hinged joint of the frame and temple. Tightening the screw is easy enough, but what if it gets lost? And what will be needed to fix the articulated mechanism?

In order to put the glasses in order, you will need:

  • A set for repairing glasses or a set of screwdrivers. Unfortunately, using ordinary screwdrivers will not work, because the glasses screws are too small. If such a set is not available, try to take a thin knife, but then you should be very careful not to spoil the thing completely.
  • Nippers and pliers. You will have to cut the wire, for which you will need these tools. In addition, it will be much more convenient to hold the frame in front of you so that all necessary operations are performed more accurately and efficiently.
  • Adhesive It is best to choose a special adhesive suitable for use with the frame. It should dry quickly and glue even small parts well.
  • Scissors.
  • A small hammer, you should not take too large a tool, since it will not only be inconvenient to use, but can also significantly damage the case of glasses so that their further repair will be impossible.
  • Electric soldering iron.
  • Paper clips, wire and pins with a head will be used to replace some of the lost temple elements, as well as to fix damaged places.
  • Fine sandpaper is needed to polish the repaired area after finishing work.
  • Durable thread.
  • Fishing line with a diameter of 0.3 mm to 0.8 mm for frames with a torn or damaged fishing line.
  • Adhesive tape is attached to the lenses so that they are not exposed to glue.
  • Transparent nail polish is a universal remedy that can be used in many household chores, useful for the final coating of the frame. So she will gain a brilliant and attractive look.

When everything you need is carefully selected and prepared, you can begin to work.

Important! Before you begin, carefully read the step-by-step instructions to do everything right and get a satisfactory result.

Lost screw on the bow

Who actively uses glasses, in most cases, you can see that the handle fell off if the screw was unscrewed. If this happened recently or before your eyes, then the screw is easy to keep until the repair. But what if he gets lost? The simplest option is to use the additional screw from a special set for repairing glasses. If you do not have this, then you have to look for a replacement .

Any screws from other unnecessary mechanisms that are available at home are suitable here. For example, from a calculator. Check if the part fits the glasses, if not, then you can try to change the thread, and cut off the excess metal residue with pliers.

If no screws were found, a pin with a flat or small head will become an adequate replacement. Its lower part will need to be cut and riveted.

Important! Act carefully and be sure to fasten the newly acquired screw so that in the future there will not be such problems and the handle holds for a long time.

How to replace the screw in glasses with flex?

Some modern models of glasses have an additional detail called flex . This is a special movable bar that allows the arms to open wider than the details of ordinary glasses can. The advantage of such gizmos is that they do not squeeze the head, and therefore are more comfortable to use.

You can fix a broken arch with your own hands at home, but it can be a little more complicated. If a screw falls out of the desired hole, the flex falls into the inside of the bow, which is why it is not possible to insert a new part. It can be returned to its original position using a regular needle, but how then to screw in a screw?

Try silk thread . It must be threaded into the desired hole, and the mechanism should be fixed in the open state. Then screw in and cut the thread.

If there is no cog, then you can also use a pin, as in the case with ordinary glasses. To do this, cut and rivet the pin, previously using it to slide the movable bar from the bow to the desired position. Then carefully inspect the repaired area, and if necessary, bring it to perfection with sandpaper.

Important! The lacquer coating of the frame may suffer during operation.

Plastic joint repair

In some cases , the hinge mechanism itself has to be changed (the “eye” has broken). Well, if it was made of plastic - so the damaged element will be easy to remove with a file . After that, start manufacturing a new part that will not take much time and effort.

To work, you will need a copper wire, which must be inserted into the whole loop of the mechanism, and then bent. Its position should resemble a letter from the Greek alphabet called omega. Now connect all the elements, and warm the wire with a soldering iron, pushing inward. After some time, the main work will be completed.

Make sure the wire is firmly connected to the plastic . Then do some sanding work with sandpaper . So you can make the repair site almost invisible. If the frame is solid, you can cover it with a similar color paint or nail polish .

Important! Please note that this method is only suitable for plastic frames and does not work with other materials at all.

Now you know how you can independently and simply repair a broken shackle from glasses. In order to ensure that there is a minimum number of reasons for repair, follow the rules of operation of this mechanism, and be careful.

Do not leave glasses unattended, especially on those surfaces where someone from home or even less guests can sit. Store and transfer them in a special eyeglass case, which can also be made independently or purchased at the nearest store - this protection will allow you to use the gizmo for a long time, reducing the likelihood of breakage to an absolute minimum.