How to fasten stockings to a belt

Stockings are the most popular part of women's wardrobe, requiring a scrupulous approach in choosing colors, sizes and styles. In the Middle Ages, they began to be worn from the age of five. And they were made of silk and velvet, for the cold season from wool.

Over the years, fashion has improved, and lace patterns began to appear. A real sensation in the history of hosiery made nylon. This material is easy to manufacture and reasonably affordable. Nylon products are especially popular in the warm season.

Stockings demanded special attention from their owners: it was necessary to ensure that they did not slip, fit the leg without wrinkles. Therefore, the question always remained: how to fix the stockings.

There are two types of products. The first group includes models that are fixed on the hips using silicone strips. Products of the second type are attached to a special elegant belt. We will talk about such models in more detail.

How to combine a belt with stockings

There are some tips when choosing accessories that will help or, conversely, warn against getting into uncomfortable situations.

  • The wider the belt, the better it sits on the waist, does not slip . And it can hide the "imperfect" tummy. But here it would be more expedient to put on panties on top, as it will be more convenient to remove them.
  • The narrow belt looks perfect on slim girls and visually lengthens the figure .
  • The more holders at the belt, the more secure the stockings will sit on their feet . There are often 4 fasteners, but there are models with 6 or 8 holders.
  • In choosing the fabric you need to be careful. From a quality canvas there will be no irritation on the skin.
  • It’s wiser to buy a belt for stockings first, and then pick up the rest of the laundry.

When deciding what to buy first, it is better to give preference to the belt to which to choose underwear.

IMPORTANT! If the accessory is lace, then the texture of the linen should correspond. And vice versa, if the model is made of satin, then the linen should be as simple as possible.

How to choose the right belt


In the hope of picking up a luxurious kit so that it looks elegant on the figure, you need to look at the material.

In modern boutiques there are models made of the following materials:

  • leather;
  • cotton - fiber;
  • silk;
  • atlas;
  • vinyl;
  • lace;
  • in the net.


Belts come in high rise and low.

With a high look more elegant and comfortable sitting on the waist. They model the bends of the body no worse than underwear for body shaping.

According to stylists, vintage and corset with nylon stockings in beige shades are considered an actual accessory. Perfectly replace corrective underwear.


It is better when the color scheme of linen coincides with the color of the belt . And it will be more appropriate to choose a kit that does not stand out either in texture or in color under clothing.

Therefore, immediately think about in what outfit to go to work or to an evening event. Give preference to panties such as thongs, tangs. Shorts, by contrast, are excluded from the kit.

The model should be worn comfortably and selected in size. The fabric, which "stuck" into the skin, unfavorably present a female figure.

How to choose stockings to a belt

To choose the correct size of the belt, it is recommended to take measurements: the circumference of the hips and waist. Look at the resulting volumes on the size chart. The sizes always match the sizes of the panties.

So that the skin on the leg does not hang down and does not spoil the aesthetics of the figure, the size of the stockings must be selected carefully . It is marked with numbers from 1 to 6 or the letters S, M, L, XL.

The length of the foot, from the heel, it is marked with numbers from 8.5 to 13.

The elastic bands to which the clip-fasteners are sewn at the ends should be tight, not too stretched . Otherwise, they will soon lose their shape.

How to fix stockings on a belt

Many representatives of the fair half have problems in this matter. But it’s worth getting used to, and this problem will disappear after the first application.

  • Put the belt on the waist, attach it with hooks with the help of loops so that their location is on the lower back or side.
  • Carefully put on, straightening the stocking from the sock up the leg, do not make puffs.
  • Place the soft part of the clip under the underside of the stocking.
  • On the convex soft part of the fastener that protrudes through the stocking, throw a metal frame on the wide side from above.
  • After that, pull the frame up to fasten the soft clasp with the narrower part of the frame.
  • Following this, the length of the straps must be adjusted. The front straps are the first to be adjusted. Then, in turn, put the legs on a hill and adjust the straps at the back so that they do not hamper the movement of the legs when walking. In no case should stockings sag, they should maintain a slight tension.

Important! Lacy sections of the stocking should not peek out from under the hem of the skirt.

Features of fastening products of various types

Meeting stockings designed for belts is difficult. Most often they are made by branded manufacturers, and they are expensive.

But you can find common models on silicone stripes. Their designers have designed for convenience to avoid excruciating situations with belts. However, women do not deny the pleasure of feeling seductive fully armed.

Having adapted themselves over time, they skillfully fit stockings with silicone stripes under the belt. The main thing is that the clasp does not fall on a tight edge with silicone, otherwise it will not hold.

You should pay attention to the material of the fasteners. Clips-fasteners and length adjusters are made of plastic and metal, the latter are more reliable.

As you can see, creating a harmonious, convenient and comfortable combination is not difficult.