How fashionable to fill a sweater in a skirt

A skirt and a warm top are a fashionable combination. Jeans are comfortable, but complete with a sweater deprive the image of sexuality, and with a more feminine bottom, the same warm, even voluminous things look much more interesting. But the question arises, how exactly is such a kit. More recently, a dressed pullover looked like a terrible bad taste. Today, fashion designers have revised this approach. A sweater partially tucked under the belt looks especially relevant - such careless drapery as if by chance opens the bottom and adds to the image of chic and freshness. The usual kit immediately turns into a trendy one.

What types of sweaters refuel

Thin knit items are completely tucked in. At the same time, they can be tight-fitting, or quite loose, well draped. It can even be an Angora sweater, quite voluminous in appearance. It is only important to make sure that the thickness of the thing does not affect the waist. If the silhouette has not suffered and looks well balanced, then the pullover can safely be refueled. Volumetric models of short or medium length can be partially tucked into the belt of a skirt or belt. Make sure that the model is not fitted, only straight or free. A partially tucked-in thing should lie in a beautiful drapery at the waist.

IMPORTANT. Do not run too long maxi sweaters - this creates an ugly bubble in the abdomen. If you want to emphasize the waist, it is better to take a belt.

Which skirt can I refuel

The following are the styles of the bottom, with which a fully tucked top will look stunning:

  1. Pack. From tulle, organza.
  2. Plisse.
  3. Bell.
  4. Flare.
  5. From dense materials: tweed, leather, suede.

IMPORTANT In general, the midi length is most advantageously combined with a tucked top. The difficult option is mini. But if the sweater is thin and well-fitting, and the figure allows such a set, then it is permissible to wear it completely tucked in, loose pullovers - partially refuel.

Denim skirts look simple with knit and knitwear, so be sure to pick up either things with a twist (interesting cutouts, cuts, prints), or accessories (handbags, glasses), or complement the kit with a jacket.

Is it possible to wear a ruban sweater with a skirt? Such a top in itself is sexual and self-sufficient. He needs the most neutral background, optimally complement it with tight-fitting jeans or leggings. But a tight-fitting pencil skirt, below the knees, will be appropriate.

General rules and possible errors

Most of the rules are based on the balance of top and bottom, color, texture and style. You should focus on universal combinations: a tight bottom + voluminous top, a fluffy skirt + a thin top.

Any distortions will overturn the image and make it tasteless. The main mistakes:

  1. Poorly matched volume pullover and mini skirt.
  2. A short skirt and a shortened pullover is an image only for very young and slender girls. In other cases, such a kit may look vulgar.
  3. The seasoned top peers through the bottom fabric - this is unacceptable in any case.
  4. Do not tuck things in coarse embossed knit. It is better to choose plain, uniform, well draped.
  5. Ugly drapery in the case of a partially tucked top. Not enough free model taken.

INTERESTING. The most versatile is a pencil skirt just below the knee. It can be combined with almost any horseback.

You should play either in similarity or in contrast. For example, an airy and delicate tulle skirt will look even more tender with a thin sweater to match, or a fluffy pullover from angora. But you can combine the same bottom with a bully pullover and a leather jacket, however, it is desirable that the skirt be in tone (for example, black). An asymmetrical hem is appreciated.