How to expand a skirt

Trouble happened, your skirt has become small for you. Put it on the far shelf and forget about it for a while? And if during this time the model goes out of fashion? And if this thing is from a costume pair, do you really have to abandon the entire set?

Take your time! You can always have time to remove or throw away a thing. And let's try to put the skirt back into operation on our own. We will tell you how to independently make the skirt wider.

How to expand the skirt yourself

The quality of the result largely depends on careful preparation for it.

Preparation for work

Before proceeding with the restoration, it is important to evaluate all the pros and cons. To do this, you first need to carefully inspect the thing. The most common way to add centimeters to the width of the product is to use seam allowances.

Important ! If the product will be placed on the side seams, compare their shade with the colors of the main canvas. The color of the allowances should match the front.

The width of the allowances should be sufficient so that it is sufficient for new side stitches.

It is also necessary to determine the degree of wear and type of product. There are fabrics that are very sensitive to sewing needles. After them remain noticeable holes. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of them, therefore, it will not be possible to expand such a skirt while maintaining an attractive appearance.

The material of the skirt can be convex, voluminous, for example, corduroy, velor, ribbed. This must be taken into account. Additional inserts in no case should violate the integrity of the pattern .

If the condition of the thing satisfies the above conditions, feel free to proceed with the alteration.

How to make a skirt wider at the waist

This option involves inserts in the form of wedges.

  • To place the skirt in the belt, insert the wedge in its upper part. In this case, the width of the hips does not change.
  • Make the shape of the arrangement triangular, simulating a pocket.
  • We perform the stitching, which will create the illusion of completeness of the form.

Tip . If the skirt is made in reliefs, then we insert a wedge on top of them.

Add Hip Width

To add width across the hips, an insert is required along the entire length of the skirt. In this case, use a detachable zipper sewn into the back.

  • Take measurements of the volume of your waist and hips. Divide the difference in volume by four. The resulting figure will be equal to the necessary allowance.
  • Spread the side seams . You will make your task easier if you use a special steamer.
  • Strip seams from old threads .
  • Iron them through the steam mode. This will help get rid of traces of the machine line.
  • Align the side seams . With a piece of soap, mark new measurements on the fabric.
  • Sweep them with a simple stitch .
  • Sew the details on the typewriter .
  • Iron the new side stitches.

Do not touch the recesses, leave them the same. Open the belt along the longitudinal seam, cut off the button-fastener. Re-mark the belt, taking into account the spaced lateral width. Sew on a typewriter.

Bottom extension

And if the skirt expands downward, for example, a year, a flare? You can expand this by cutting off the upper, narrowest part.

Naturally, the skirt will lose a little in length, but then you can wear it .

Pre-flare the zipper so as not to cut it. And then save and transfer to the cross-linked model.

Tip. If you have to rework the style of the year, sewn from wedges, inserts, you can make the skirt wider by adding the same detail.

How to expand a skirt without sewing

Is your elastic skirt too tight? You can deal with this trouble in the following ways.

  • Lay the skirt on the ironing board. Stretch the elastic. By the way, you can put it directly on the board itself.
  • Iron with steam function iron the gum. You can do this through a damp cloth.
  • Steam the gum for a while, you can optionally stretch it with your free hand.

In addition, you can flog a tight piece and wear a thing without it.

Useful tips for expanding skirts from different materials

Cotton products

You can stretch them a little with water and vinegar.

Work description

  1. Stir three tablespoons of acetic acid in 10 liters of warm water. Put the item in the prepared solution for 30 minutes.
  2. Squeeze and spread on a terry towel, stretching the fabric in the necessary directions.
  3. Let the skirt dry.

Woolen fabrics

Prepare a fabric softener.

  1. Dissolve the laundry detergent in a basin of warm water. You can replace it with baby shampoo or wool detergent.
  2. Soak the material in the solution for 30-40 minutes.
  3. Gently rinse and gently wring the woolen product.
  4. In limbo, for example, on a clothesline, begin to gently stretch the skirt.
  5. Repeat the action periodically until the fabric is completely dry.

Knitted fabric

You will need a washing machine and steam iron.

  1. Put the skirt in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Move the thing into the washing machine, turn on the spin mode.
  3. Remove from the drum and stretch it in different directions.
  4. Dry the product in an upright position so that it does not begin to shrink and return to its previous shape.
  5. After drying, iron the fabric.

Jeans, leather

  1. Wet the skirt. This material stretches perfectly when wet.
  2. The main thing is to find / come up with a form on which you can pull a wet skirt. For example, on the back of a wooden chair, an ironing board without a cover.
  3. To fix the result, pass the fabric through the steamer.
  4. In addition, you can put on a skirt and look like it for some time.

Before you send a thing for scrap, give it a chance to serve you. At least try it!