How to emphasize your personality with style?

Having made slots for the head and hands in the bag from under the potato and putting it on yourself, you can, of course, attract a lot of looks. But it is unlikely that you crave just such attention. I want to emphasize my individuality and originality somehow differently, while remaining within the framework of decency, right? And this can be done even if you take seemingly ordinary things. You only need to be able to combine and wear them in such a way that it was impossible not to notice you. We will show you how to achieve this.

The principles of choosing a wardrobe that will help stand out

It is necessary to keep in mind several important points, so that the created images are not trivial and are one hundred percent suitable for you.

Assess your strengths and weaknesses

First you need to take a sober look at yourself. Disable emotions temporarily and objectively evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, you like big breasts, thin ankles, a long neck, a charming smile. And they don’t really like a little plump legs, a tummy and thin straight hair. So, give preference to sweaters and blouses with a large neckline, open shoulders, pick up a couple of catchy pendants. Include wide cropped trousers in your wardrobe, which will hide the fullness, but open the gorgeous thin ankles. Tie a scarf over your head. And so proceed further.

Important! When compiling a list of the pros and cons of your appearance, rely primarily on your opinion, and not on the ideas that exist in your environment.

For example, if it seems to you that a woman’s small tummy is sexy, then write it down as a plus! And do not listen to what a neighbor, colleague or childhood friend says there.

Wear only comfortable things

You will never look good in a thing that makes you uncomfortable . No matter how stylish, elegant and attractive she may be. Because in the blouse that shakes, the woman moves differently: awkwardly, pinched. Do not even think about uncomfortable high heel shoes! Do you really think that limping on both legs, someone manages to look luxurious?

Do not be afraid to experiment

It happened to you that, trying on a new thing in front of a mirror, you were suddenly embarrassed at the thought - what would others think? Suddenly, someone would think that this little thing is ridiculous, does not suit you in age, too brave?

If so, then this is a good old self-doubt coupled with dependence on other people's opinions. Things are unpleasant, but common everywhere. Drive them away from you! No, I understand that it’s easier said than done ... But, in any case, remember that the advisers are awful.

It doesn’t matter how bold the wardrobe looks, how similar it is to what you wore before, whether your friends wear something like that.

Advice! Evaluate only if you like this thing, whether you enjoy your own reflection in this new thing.

Very often, those who wish to stand out from the crowd are advised not to be afraid of bright colors. And this remark is not without logic. Indeed, wearing a catchy outfit, a fashionista will attract attention. Maybe even in a good way, it will attract if she picks up things that are combined in color and suitable for the figure. However - honestly! - you can create a very extraordinary image, even in a banal black-white-gray scale.

Important! Bright colors are wonderful. But they are not a prerequisite for creating a standout from the crowd.

What to wear and how to look different

Perhaps, having read all the recommendations written above, you are confused. All this is wonderful, but what exactly needs to be worn to shine? Well, let's look at quite specific examples.


Think about which models will best reveal the features of your figure.

  • Lush, expanding to the bottom options are designed for those who want to visually strengthen the bend between the waist and hips.
  • Tight-fitting are good for those who boast a flat stomach and perfect buttocks .
  • The styles " maxi " and " midi " are able to hide the light fullness of the legs, visually increase growth .
  • " Mini " looks flawlessly on those with long and slender legs by nature.

So, you have chosen the perfect model for yourself ... And now you are at a loss. Because you don’t understand how you can stand out from the crowd, say, in a banal pencil skirt?

Do not worry! Any, even the most prosaic wardrobe item has a whole dozen unusual variations .

Advice! Choose not an ordinary model, but a product with patch pockets, a wide belt, lace trim or embroidery along the hem.


I think it makes no sense to list all existing models of trousers. You yourself know very well that there is a flare, classic straight pants, tight-fitting, cropped trousers, etc., etc.

How can they stand out with their help? There are several easy ways:

  • Firstly, you can get hold of trousers of an unusual shade . Still, colored pants are less common than, for example, bright T-shirts. Therefore, they attract attention much more often.
  • Secondly, even the most commonplace pair can be revitalized with a catchy belt or bright shoes . Sometimes what matters is not what to wear, but with what.

Advice! The bottom should be at least a few tones different from the top. Even better if they form a contrasting pair together. For example, light beige breeches and a dark brown turtleneck.

T-shirt, turtleneck or blouse

Or a T-shirt, sweater, top, shirt ... In a word, top.

Advice! It is best to get things that somehow reflect your interests, hobbies, your personality.

For example, a T-shirt with a slogan that you think is witty. Or a sweater with a Celtic pattern, as a tribute to a long-standing passion for Irish dancing.

The same goes for accessories . The pendant that means something personally to you is doubly good.

In search of wardrobe items that perfectly match the figure and resonate with your interests, you can climb far.

Advice! A lot of interesting things are often found in second-hand stores, grandmother's bins, at sales.

Another option is to order a dream new thing in the studio. Or even sew it yourself. Then the result will definitely not be typical. And one hundred percent yours!