How to emphasize the waist with clothing

The strange question is how to emphasize the waist? It would seem that if it is, then everyone will notice it. And if not, then there is nothing to emphasize. But not everything is so simple. Happy owners of a thin waist do not always know how to emphasize it. And girls with a rectangle figure sometimes do not even realize that the waist can be made pronounced.

This is easy to achieve:

  • pinpoint your type of figure;
  • competently choose a wardrobe;
  • purchase suitable accessories.

The right clothes sometimes correct the figure better than the surgeon’s knife! Let's figure out how to achieve a feminine silhouette.

What to wear to emphasize your waist

With the owners of an hourglass figure, everything is simple: just exclude oversize clothes, put on a pencil skirt or drag a shirt dress with a thin strap. All others who by nature did not get a thin waist should follow the advice of stylists.

Successful combinations

  • A similar effect can be achieved like this: put on a dark vest or jacket over a light blouse .

Important! Do not fasten the top of your vest or jacket! This is the only way to create optical illusion: the transition from a narrow top to a contrasting wide bottom.

  • Another way is to put on a wide skirt . It can be flared or have the shape of a bell, but always from the fabric holding the shape and on the belt .

  • The desired image is obtained in combination with a light, rather narrow top or with wide shoulders .

Tip. Instead of a skirt, a dress with a full skirt and shoulder pads is also suitable, since they are back in fashion.

  • Women with a boyish figure have another way of correction. You need to wear a voluminous blouse in combination with tight trousers or a skirt .

  • Tighten the stomach, hide the folds on the sides and form the desired silhouette, as if from nothingness, high-rise jeans. Ideal if the legs are straight or flared.

Suitable cut

These images, although built on an illusory perception, but they are fairly straightforward. And in the woman, according to the song, "there must be some kind of mystery."

High waist

The best hoaxers are dresses with a high waistline . Remember the elegant image of Natasha Rostova: a satin ribbon under the chest and immediately from the ribbon begins the skirt. With any movement under the flowing fabric, the shape of the figure is guessed.

Fitted silhouette

Things with a fitted silhouette will also do the trick.

Important! Clothing should be fitted, but not tight.

A fitted jacket is a classic. It itself has the desired silhouette. It is worth putting it on any figure, it will immediately get exciting bends!

Both trousers and skirts are suitable for the jacket. Length - any, you can play with color. Acceptable contrast, the combination of "tone-on-tone", even the picture.

Tip. It is better to choose a jacket monochrome, up to the middle of the thigh, with not very large shoulders.

Cropped top

An alternative is a shortened jacket, the length of which barely reaches the waist.

Not only a jacket can be shortened, but also a top .

Important! Keep in mind that crop top is only suitable for thin people and owners of a good press.

Side inserts

Every woman is a master of illusions. To give the figure a resemblance to a violin, there is also a magic way: you need to draw a waist! No, no, not in the literal sense of the word.

This is done with the help of dark side inserts on the dress or a combination of one-colored fabric and printed fabric . The trick is for the inset-like insert to resemble the shape of an hourglass.


This detail, as a way to create the desired silhouette, continues to be popular. What other cut element will successfully hide the stomach, make the hips round and the waist narrow?

Basque fits almost everyone. A pear-like figure she will make even more seductive; to the figure of the masculine type “draws” the hips.

Accessories to help mark the waist

It is believed that the waist can be emphasized only with a belt or belt . Know - this is a delusion! A cord, rope, chain, sash or scarf also have the right to be present in the wardrobe.

Reference. The emphasis is sure to shift to the waist if it has a flat brooch of an elongated shape - oval or rectangular. It is important that it be in a contrasting color to the fabric.

Accessories must be able to wear. Some young ladies, wanting to present their aspen figure to others, are pulling it in such a way that they look like the well-known model “in a bathing suit” from the cartoon “Well, wait a minute!”

How to wear waist accessories

We’ll tell you what rules to follow in order not to turn yourself into a laughing stock.

  • Belts are categorically not suitable if the waist volume is greater than the volume of the hips.
  • A thin strap emphasizes the waist only in thin girls.
  • A wide belt or belt does a good job of their hopes. But only when the waist is initially or at least a hint of it.
  • Accessories should be either in the overall gamut of the outfit, or contrasting.
  • Do not tighten the belt so that it is difficult to breathe. A tight belt often plays against its "mistress": it means not the waist, but the stomach.

Finally, the most important rule: any experiments on oneself should be carried out in front of the mirror before going out into the people. And even better, there was a person nearby who always tells the truth.