How to dress a stylish athlete of our day Serena Williams

Serena Williams is a world famous tennis player, but her name has long gone beyond sports. In recent years, the photo star of tennis has shone more often on the covers of fashionable glossy magazines. She is deservedly called the most stylish athlete of our time. After all, the images of Serena are always perfect and stylistically sustained. But it was not always so.

Stylish looks on the court

In her young years on the court, Serena amazed spectators and judges with shocking images. It could be just pigtails painted in different colors or frank outfits for playing tennis. Bright, acidic shades, catchy prints and minimalism in everything - these were the main postulates when choosing a costume for another victory.

The most memorable were several images.

Tight black jumpsuit

This was seen by an athlete at the US Open-2002. The provocatively frank, tight-fitting, like a second skin, black suit left nothing for the audience’s imagination.

Serena in him felt great and was happy with every point he won.

Micro shorts and sneakers boots

US Open 2004 also delighted viewers. Two years after the enchanting appearance at the same event, Serena appeared in black micro shorts, a short jacket and gym shoes .

Seth looked very sexy and pretty aggressive .

Suit with a pack

Such an outfit was worn by Serena for the US Open game in 2018. A tennis suit from Nike was complemented by a pack, and it looked very attractive and playful, and most importantly - feminine.

Important! Serena Williams, despite her athletic body, always wants to look feminine and sexy. That is why short feminine skirts or micro shorts slip in the collections of her clothes, revealing slender legs and emphasizing the silhouette.

On the court, Serena has no equal in the selection of attire. Her images are always memorable and provocative. A competitor from the very beginning, not starting to play, feels who all eyes from the stands are aimed at.

Everyday Serena Looks

In everyday life, the famous tennis player “sins” with ultra-short shorts, leopard dresses and too frank T-shirts.

Predatory prints

Animal prints are generally a separate topic for Serena. She tries to apply them everywhere .

Such a passion could not go unnoticed. Stylists note that Serena wears “predatory” prints with special dignity and looks charming in them .

I note that the tennis player recently launched her own clothing line and is using her own preferences to create a wardrobe for women. The brand of her clothes is budgetary enough and affordable for any average woman.

After the birth of a daughter

With the birth of a daughter, the outfits of the athlete became a little more modest . You will not meet her in a shirt with a huge neckline or too short skirt.

Serena notes that she wants to be a worthy mother of her daughter, but at the same time look 100%. Therefore, today, Williams can be found in close-fitting classic shirts, strict trousers or modest dresses .

Vivid looks for special occasions

About evening dresses should be said separately.


For special occasions and parties, Serena chooses classic dresses to the floor or to the knee with a minimum of decorative elements .

Previously, the “chip” of the athlete was short dresses and deep neckline.

But this whim left with the birth of a daughter. Now she is a sedate lady, whose style leaves no room for fault.


Animal prints do not leave the tennis player.

Tight dresses with a neckline or an open back, combined with classic "boats" with high heels and a small clutch are a great opportunity to attend a charity dinner or a movie premiere. Serena loves such dresses and whenever possible chooses them from her extensive wardrobe.


Lace and lace dresses are another weakness of the athlete. At formal events, you can often see Williams in long dresses on the floor, made of lace or lace fabric.

They look pretty decent, but no, no, and a transparent insert will slip through at the level of the chest or hips.


But there are in the images of Serena and very original outfits. For example, at one of the events on television, she dressed in a classic cut fitting black dress and “boats” in color .

Everything would be fine if the details of the dress were not connected by thin ribbons, revealing most of the athlete's body. Through them it was visible to the naked eye that Serena had not put on her clothes that evening.

The set was very provocative and attracted the attention of the public. Someone condemned the athlete for excessive frankness, and someone expressed words of support.

In any case, Williams has already proved everything to everyone! She successfully married, gave birth to a daughter, and many times became the winner of prestigious tennis competitions. She can allow herself to look the way she wants.