How to dress so that it is not embarrassing to show the photo

Now it’s much easier to keep pleasant moments in the photo than before. You can take a bunch of pictures, and then simply choose the most successful ones from them. And if necessary, delete everything and retake again. In the era of film machines, this approach to shooting would be considered very wasteful. And now any girl has the opportunity to get a picture with her own efforts no worse than that of professional models.

And it would seem that there are so many all kinds of tutorials on the Internet on the topic of creating an impeccable image for photo shoots. And in addition, one and a half million examples of various poses, choose - I do not want! But, going to instagram, again I see the same mistakes. Well, let's understand them.

How clothes affect a photo

It’s easy to choose clothes for the picture.

Choose comfortable

Tightness and unnatural poses will spoil any image. Of course, this may have psychological reasons. But there is a professional photographer who must be able to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during the shooting.

But if you first put on high-heeled shoes in combination with a super-mini, and in addition the clothes fit so that it is impossible to breathe - not even the most professional professional in this outfit will relax you, alas. Everything is only in your hands.

Important! Comfortable clothes = relaxed look.

And yes, I know what you’re thinking right now. But do not even try to point your finger at famous models, they have been studying this art for years.

Layering is dangerous

Yes, layering is fashionable. But what looks cool while you pace the streets does not always work in the photo .

If you do not want to look like a thick bulb, remember that under any voluminous things should be the most fitting clothing . And ideally, it should be as small as possible.

Dress for the weather

Never forget: if the photo shoot takes place on the street, it is important that you are dressed in the weather and appropriate to the environment.

Of course, there are photo shoots in which the discrepancy between the image and the environment is the main feature. However, do not take pictures in the winter in a swimsuit! Looking at your photo, most will not think about its aesthetics. Most likely, people will only think about how cold you are and how it affected your health.

Contrast wins!

If the photo shoot is not on a military theme, there is no need to merge with the environment. Therefore, before shooting, familiarize yourself with the background and choose contrasting clothes for it .

If you are going to be photographed in the unknown, take two sets with you, dark and light. Ideally, something else is red (if this, of course, matches the image).

Reference! Red is least used as a background.

Important points for a cool photo

Makeup welcome

The rules for makeup for a photo shoot are different from everyday. This is just the case when the more the better, even for a natural look. Because removing surplus during Photoshop processing is much easier than "painting" you with software.

Do not forget about accessories!

“Why do I need accessories, I'm already beautiful!” - some people think. In no case do not doubt your compelling! But still think that with the help of correctly selected accessories you can make competent accents . This will give your image a unique charm.

Poses - this is important!

The rules of posing, which I will write about now, are textbook. But it will never be superfluous to repeat, even if you know them.

  • Everything that can be bent must be bent or half bent.
  • We do not press our hands to the body under any conditions.
  • Everything that is closer to the lens seems larger, and vice versa.

Be sure to use this, and then I'm not the only one to put a big and joyful Like under your masterpiece!