How to dress girls with small stature, a few rules

Any figure and growth has many advantages. It is only necessary to be able to emphasize them. Short girls are worried about growth in vain. A few simple rules on the selection of clothes and style will help them visually stretch their growth, and make the figure harmonious and elegant . The main secret is to create a vertical image.

Choosing the perfect fit

To keep your legs longer, wear high-waisted clothing . In this case, you do not need to hide it under t-shirts or sweaters, it is better to fill them. Waist can be emphasized with a strap, but be attentive to its color, it is important that it harmoniously fits into the image in width and texture.

Now the trendy wide textured belt on the skirts, but the pants will be more effective with arrows. This creates the necessary vertical.

Correct length

Things should be the right length. Do not wear a long blouse / shirt with a belt, it is better to fill in a skirt (trousers).

Small girls have an excellent advantage: the length of the mini will not look vulgar on them, but, on the contrary, will show the beauty of the legs.

Midi and maxi are also a good solution . The main thing is the right shoes . Ballet flats combined with long skirts are long outdated. Use shoes, sandals, mules, sneakers, etc.

Important! For trousers, the optimal length is just above the ankles. But in combination with a heel, you can use a longer length. This will make the legs even longer.

Fitting models

Short girls look great in tight-fitting clothes that emphasize the figure. But remember that close-fitting products are already out of fashion. Between the tissue and the body there should be a layer of air of 1-2 cm.


The optimal length for outerwear is from the waist to 5 cm below the knees . Jackets, raincoats, and coats are perfect. A straight fit with an emphasis on the waist in the form of a belt or belt will be ideal. Lapels will make the cut looser.

You should avoid numerous decor : high-quality fabrics and pleasant colors make the image more noble and interesting, unlike embroideries, rhinestones, stripes, etc.

Successful images

V-shaped front neckline

V-neck can be on any clothes : these are T-shirts and tops, dresses and overalls, sweaters, sweaters, coats. This creates a vertical that visually extends the image .

The depth of the cutout may vary depending on the nature of the thing : everyday or for a special occasion.

The same goes for a stand-up collar. The main thing is that the thing does not differ in a large amount of decor, otherwise it will reduce all efforts to nothing and make the figure wider.

Fine print

Low girls are advised to choose clothes with a small, rather than a large print . Otherwise, it will simply take all the attention on the clothes and become one big spot.

A vertical strip of any size extends the shape . The diagonal cell looks interesting and useful for the figure.

Coloring of things

The color scheme in the image should be well-chosen, combining.

Important! Contrasts may look original, but they cut the figure. Use good basic colors that suit all girls.

If you want individuality, then one thing should be bright, accent (not necessarily in clothes, it can be an accessory), and others should be of neutral colors . It is better if the clothes will be shades of the same color. The best solution for visual growth growth is monochrome.


Heels - this is the first remedy that is usually recommended to girls of small stature. The optimal height is about 5 cm. You should not wear more than 10. It is uncomfortable and looks vulgar. It is not necessary to wear a hairpin .

It can be a thick steady heel. In the trend, textured heels, also they may differ in color from the main color of the shoe or have inserts.

In addition to shoes in your arsenal should be sandals and mules, as well as loafers or oxfords with a small heel. Avoid shoes with a round toe and a flat sole : they will make the legs shorter and wider in the lower leg.


The same rules apply for accessories : you need to create a vertical that stretches the image. Do not use large massive jewelry .

Your friends - long earrings, oblong pendants, multi-layered necklaces.


Accessories not only make the image complete and harmonious, but also affect the perception of the figure. They should be selected proportionally: the bag should not be half of the body. Choose small compact bags and backpacks .

Hats - only with small brim . A properly knitted scarf will create the desired accent. Think of the necessary vertical.

Small stature is not a reason for worries. Visually extend the growth will help the aforementioned trick: you need to create a vertical image.

Choosing the right things, you can change the perception of the image, hide a small stature.