How do women make beds in different countries?

A carelessly made bed negates all efforts to decorate the bedroom: any elegant room will suffer from a sloppy look. It is interesting that the methods for accurately designing a bed differ in different countries: everywhere there are ways to give the box an aesthetically attractive look. Western and eastern traditions diverge especially strongly on this issue: the bed itself has a different look.

How to make a bed in Russia

The tradition of organizing a place to sleep has undergone significant changes over the centuries. And even the last few decades have contributed to changing everyday habits. The sofa, which was rarely used in the 19th century, only in special situations, since about the 60s of the twentieth century has become almost the main sleeping place in small-sized apartments.

A sofa instead of a bed. Of course, the sofa changed, turned into an ottoman, sofa, couch: they can be transformed into a sleeping place for two, and then again used as furniture on which they sit during the day. All bedding in this case is cleaned in a special cabinet. For a long time, furniture-makers produced a sofa bed on legs, like ordinary beds. Sofas with drawers for linen appeared later.

Even in communal apartments of the 1920s and 1950s, people preferred to sleep in beds. Bed decoration was:

  • lace gaps;
  • Cushions for pillows.

Most women loved needlework and knitted lace products, made stitches, embroideries. It was a real art. The linen was boiled, bleached, starch, ironed, giving it a perfect, almost formal appearance. In one room there could be several beds, but they were all cleaned with special care. Sitting on the bed during the day was not accepted: for this there were chairs, sofas, armchairs.

Double bed. In Russia, the matrimonial bedroom with a large bed always assumed a double blanket (the so-called “Euro-sets” became fashionable only in the 80s). And a duvet cover was attached to the blanket. The shape of his neckline was different: very rarely the blanket was inserted into the neckline from below. More often, a rhombus, circle, square, oval was cut out in the middle of the upper part of the duvet cover. It was through him that they inserted a blanket into a duvet cover.

Not so long ago in Russia, they preferred white bedding or cotton fabrics with a small floral pattern . A blanket was necessarily laid on top. It either covered the pillows completely, or the covers were attached to it: it was a set, designed in the same style.

New trends and a variety of furniture lead to the fact that now there is no single tradition. Both the sofa bed and the double bed are made according to individual preferences. It can be noted the fashion of recent decades:

  • colored or even dark linen;
  • smaller pillows;
  • mattresses are more rigid.

Mistresses use mattress covers that preserve the cleanliness of the mattress, and willingly follow borrowed bed styles from other nations.

What is an American bed?

The flat and holistic base of the bed, which is so popular in America, allows you to cover it with a cover with a skirt clearance. The practicality of such a lower bedspread for the base is beyond doubt: this way less dust gets under it, the bed looks very impressive . A mattress (thin or thick) is placed on top of the bottom cover. By the way, this attribute should match the style and color of the top bedspread and pillows.

Love for a large number of decorative pillows on the bed gives a feeling of comfort, but they are not used for sleep. Be sure to tuck in two sheets, although the top (under the covers) is somewhat different. Blankets, bedspreads, blankets can be several, it all depends on the taste of the hostess.

Whether the Japanese refuel the tatami or not

The biggest differences with the familiar appearance of the European bed in the Japanese bed for sleeping. Special furniture is not required there: the bed spreads simply on the floor. Previously used for sleep in Japan:

  • mats;
  • tatami (durable and thin rice straw mattress).

Now - a futon, it also does not need special furniture . In the afternoon, he cleans up in a closet or just a special niche. It is interesting that such a more comfortable mattress appeared in Japan only in the 19th century.

An attempt by Europeans to make a stylized “Japanese” bed is a tribute to oriental practices, but such a bed is not a copy of the traditional Japanese sleeping place, which is located directly on the floor. A wide and low bed with a soft mattress is a kind of compromise: this is not typical for Eastern traditions, and the pillow is not a necessary subject of sleep for the Japanese. They use very small and resilient rollers. Although a double bed for sleeping is typical for this country.

How to make a bed in Italian

Italians tend to respect the bedroom, maintaining the highest requirements for linen, pillows, bedspreads. Like most Europeans, they do not use duvet covers, but large sheets, on top of which is a blanket.

The size of the sheet is of great importance: it not only covers the bed, but also should have a significant fold under the high mattress. The bedspread hides the pillows in a special way: it is bent under them, as if wrapping them in an integral roller. For this, the size of the bedspread should significantly exceed the size of the bed.

Modern beds, as a rule, have an orthopedic base, which is decorated with external wooden elements. Unlike the American bed, it is impossible to attach a lower coverlet to them: Italians do not. To protect the mattress use:

  • mattress covers;
  • two sheets.

There are no duvet covers as such: a large sheet is placed under the blanket, its edge protrudes slightly.

The oddities of the French in relation to the bed

The French, like the British, maintain a low temperature in the bedrooms in the winter. Hence the sitting by the fireplace, and rugs, and night pajamas. On the bed, too, several layers of blankets, bedspreads, cloaks are hoisted, which allow you to keep warm at night. Feathers were loved not only in Russia, they help keep the bed warm and Europeans.

Pillowcases on pillows are perhaps the most international thing . Although the size of the pillows all have their own.

German thoroughness knows no bounds

Traditions nowhere remain unshakable, according to many observers of European life. But Germans are always spoken of as neat and consistent people who love order in everything. The European set includes two duvet covers and one sheet: it is believed that the Germans adhere to just such a tradition. Each spouse has his own half bed or a separate bed.

But Russians, who are accustomed to the fact that a blanket and a bedspread are different things, sometimes it is surprising that in Germany and Austria in private homes it is one and the same. However, do not generalize: in hotels bedspreads are not blankets.