How do men wear sophisticated colors?

As a rule, men avoid complex colors. The reason is commonplace: the inability to combine different colors and make the right images. Meanwhile, simple recommendations will help to make the image exclusive, add mood to yourself and others.

Stylish man's capsule wardrobe

In the West, it has long been customary even for millionaires to have capsule wardrobes .

Reference. A capsule wardrobe is the easiest way to dress and save a ton of time. It is enough to make the right purchases in such a way that all things go together.

An example of a capsule business wardrobe for men.

Even with only 35 units of clothing, a man will look much better than 90% of people with huge wardrobes . Among them should be classic things in basic colors that will never go out of style. You can complement the collection by picking up clothes and accessories in more unusual colors.

Capsule wardrobe for men, basic things.

Complex colors

When choosing colors, most men are extremely conservative. Indeed, with clothes of black, snow-white, blue or gray color, you can make up many familiar ensembles.

More original and unusual shades will help to stand out against the general background and create unique images . Next, we consider how to correctly wear 6 shades, which in most cases remain unclaimed.


Many perceive pink as a gender color, and consider it the prerogative of girls. However, in the men's wardrobe, he has been a leader for several seasons.

It goes well with beige, chocolate, snow-white, pistachio, emerald and blue. There are rules for wearing this shade, depending on the color type.

People with fair skin should beware of nuances that add facelessness. Dark color, on the contrary, will help balance the complexion. A pink shirt is often worn with a dark blue jacket and tie. The shirt in this color is combined with jeans of different colors and with suits . A great addition to the summer will be pink shorts or trousers. Pink crosses and socks will complement the image.

Reference. In the west of the late 19th century, pink was an exclusively masculine color. He became a girl by the will of merchants at the beginning of the twentieth century.


Khaki firmly and permanently settled in the men's wardrobe. However, here we will talk about other, more extravagant shades of green. Regardless of brightness, green will always look advantageous with blue, white and gray .

Military color is combined with brown and mustard . In green shades, you can buy outerwear and pants. It is useful to have a short-sleeved shirt and shorts . When choosing clothes should be guided by the following tips:

  • with pale skin, it is better to choose deeper shades, such as bottle green;
  • people with olive skin should avoid the same colors in clothes;
  • for people with darker skin, bold and catchy colors, for example, jade, are suitable.

Important! Green accessories will make the image more interesting. It can be socks, scarves, noses and other things.


The ideal companion for brown is considered blue. It is in this combination that blue maximally reveals its depth, and brown looks solemn and luxurious .

Paired with brown, green, ginger, mustard and milky things look good . It is worth taking a look at the corduroy pants in this color, a jacket, a camel wool jumper and a pair of boots. It should only be worn carefully by people with olive and dark skin: they will look pale.


Many associate orange with vibrant Halloween outfits. However, there are orange and more mundane shades that will help create a spectacular image. This color can be worn at any time of the year .

Tip. The easiest option is to add brightness to a regular gray or blue suit with an orange tie or scarf . There is a beautiful knitwear and outerwear in this color.

Among the variety of shades, everyone will be able to choose the right one for themselves. People with fair skin should use the color of rust, and with darker skin - terracotta or coral. Balance orange with neutral shades such as gray, black and dark blue.


This color provides great opportunities for expanding the color palette. The easiest way is to use purple as an accent. You can pick up a tie or scarf .

You can combine them with suits of neutral colors and light shirts.

From head to toe, dressing in this shade is not worth it. Winning it looks with beige, gray, all shades of blue and blue-green .

A purple shirt will adorn a suit of blue or dark blue . To achieve more extravagance, you can buy a purple jacket or pants. In any case, the color should be contrasting to the type of skin.

Reference. Violet has long been considered the color of intellectuals and the choice of royalty.


This color is considered one of the most complex. Therefore, even experienced fashionistas often shun yellow . It should be used carefully and dosed when combined with white, nude and gray.

It is especially difficult to choose a shade of yellow for fair skin . You can try dark colors with dark tones, such as gold and mustard.

Tip. Those options that make the image faceless should be avoided.

Pay attention to the polo, t-shirts, sweaters and yellow shorts. They look perfect with blue and blue things. Blue sneakers look great with blue jeans.

How to combine colors?

The right combination of colors is one of the important components of a spectacular meadow . You can use the color wheel and tips from experienced stylists. However, an important role is played by the person’s inner instinct and his degree of comfort in one or another clothing. A special role should be given to the color type and complexion of the figure .

There are colors and combinations that are noticeably fuller or, conversely, visually increase growth and make slimmer. It is important to consider the format of the event for which the suit is selected.

Important! Colors should complement each other, emphasize, make the figure more attractive, hiding flaws and emphasizing advantages .

Each man can diversify his image with the help of interesting and unusual colors. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of looking stylish because of ignorance of the basics of color combination. You can always take the advice of image makers and, of course, do not be afraid to experiment.