How do Italians dress in summer

Italians are always dressed as if everyone has a personal stylist . At the same time, neither girls, nor young women, nor ladies of elegant age, ever put on all the most fashionable at the same time. They know how to give a modernity and relevance even to those clothes that were purchased several seasons ago with one, sometimes subtle touch.

So why does the whole world recognize that it is women from the Apennines that look stylish and sophisticated in any situation and in any outfit ? Perhaps the point is in the natural flair, because Italy is considered the birthplace of modern fashion.

Summer wardrobe of Italians

It's all about the approach to compiling a wardrobe.

The principles of the selection of things

The European peninsula's approach to clothing choices is simple. They choose convenience, relevance, compatibility with other wardrobe items.

Of course, the brand plays an important role in choosing clothes. And, of course - well-groomed. This applies not only to things, but also to the face and hairstyles. The heirs of the Roman goddesses do not allow themselves to leave the house casually dressed and unkempt .

And the older the woman, the more well-groomed and elegant she looks. For a quality thing with a recognizable label, Italians are not just ready to pay, they are ready to take a loan!

But do not think that they do not wear clothes from the mass market. Wear it! They mix with the designer so that they look exciting, amazing and stylish in it.

What is worn in summer

Sunny climate does not allow you to fall into gloom and spleen. This is probably why the inhabitants of the peninsula are cheerful and optimistic. And the Italians dress just as cheerfully and optimistically in the summer.

Fitted dresses without sleeves, T-shirts that open shoulders, short shorts - all these are simple styles, but they certainly emphasize the figure.

Important! Minimalism is always and everywhere - one of the main attitudes when choosing a set of clothes.

In other words, on women you will not find anything superfluous, restricting movement . Although the fashionista does not see anything shameful in putting on a fur coat in the summer, however, on a suitable occasion.

Favorite colors are white and black . In the wardrobe of a woman of any age, there are always summer things of these colors. However, in the same place cream, gray sets will be found . This approach allows you to create many images from just a few items. A couple of accent things add brightness and audacity.

Summer footwear

It is convenient, democratic, brand commitment is also traced in the choice. Even on rubber slippers there should be a logo of a famous manufacturer!

Reference! Choosing shoes for a particular outfit, Italians are guided by the rule: during the day - high-quality and certainly comfortable shoes at low speed.

A small steady heel is allowed. By the way, the question of choosing the right pair for the dress is usually not worth it.

All women have so-called “basic” things . It can be ballet shoes, sandals, sneakers, sneakers, mules ... Anything, but it’s necessarily quite simple, versatile white, black or beige-colored shoes.

Accessories and add-ons for a stylish look

You can learn to use parts from Italians!


The phrase “there are never too many scarves” is a peculiar motto of Italian women. The word “scarf” is understood not only as a miniature, light, bright accessory. It is worn to decorate or revitalize a monochrome simple outfit.

But also the stole, protecting from a cool evening sea breeze. And Italians know how to drape these “pieces of fabric” like no other in the world! Indeed, the art of drapery is comprehended by the inhabitants of the Mediterranean since antiquity.


It is almost impossible to imagine an Italian without jewelry. Rings, bracelets, necklaces make even the simplest knitted T-shirt elegant.

All jewelry, including everyday, massive, elegant, multi-color. She is never dull and modest . It is necessarily bright, but, of course, corresponds to the occasion.

Glasses and bags

It is generally accepted that Italians from an early age are not indifferent to sunglasses and good bags .

As a rule, a bag and glasses are those items when choosing which it is not customary to skimp . According to the heirs of Venus, it is a designer bag and stylish glasses that collect the image, make it complete . In the hands of the Italian at any time of the day or night there will certainly be an expensive leather bag.

Of course, with the onset of darkness, the picture changes: evening looks are more sexual and feminine . Makeup becomes brighter, heels, tight dresses, gold jewelry appear. Italian in the evening is an icon of style . She is not averse to receiving compliments and cheers from oncoming men.

Do you agree that the Italians have something to learn?