How do designers propose mixing prints in women's clothing in 2019?

The trend of combining various prints among themselves remains at the peak of popularity in 2019. However, creating a harmonious image using things with different patterns is not an easy task. Next, we’ll look at how real fashion industry professionals offer to do this.

Color contradictions - a way of self-expression

The combination of different colors, according to many experts, provides an excellent opportunity for self-expression of a person. Often there is a need to get out of the usual boring image and even slightly shock others.

Clothing allows you to show the person’s internal state, his personal sense of style, degree of comfort and self-confidence . It is the contradiction of colors that allows you to create truly trendy bows. At the same time, you should definitely not think what others will say.

Attention! Some designers in every possible way avoid the trend of mixing prints, believing that in this way it is difficult to create an elegant image.

Mix prints in stylish 2019 looks

Stylish 2019 looks with a combined print are primarily designed to be worn in everyday life. Putting on such outfits, it is important to have a sense of proportion and good taste, so as not to look ridiculous and absurd.

Casual items can be found at Andrew Gn, Temperley London, Beatrice B, Atlein.

Most designers give the following tips:

  • It is more appropriate to combine two identical prints in different colors.
  • Using different prints, it is important to emphasize the repetition of color and several shades . To them are selected makeup, shoes and accessories.

Each fashion house seeks to set its own direction, offering its own compositional rules and solutions. So, Versace preferred a medium-sized floral print . In one onion there may be flowers of different shades, including catchy and contrasting. One can only be surprised at how designers manage to combine seemingly completely incompatible things. However, in general, the image is unified, since all the prints are connected by a common theme.

Important! Onions Beatrice B, Maryling, Kate Spade New York presents many images that will be appropriate even in some offices. Of course, it all depends on the dress code of the employer company.

Animal prints - special attention

Leopard and other animal prints are firmly established in fashion collections, and, it seems, are not going to take the leading position. However, you need to select images with them especially carefully. This trick is worth learning from Antonio Marras.

Using animal prints, the designer connected them not only with each other, but also with other drawings. At the same time, the basis of the image is built using a competent approach to the color scheme.

Style Mixing Experiments

It is unlikely that many outfits presented at shows can be worn in real life. Of course, they look spectacular and extravagant on fashion catwalks or on the pages of "gloss". Most ordinary women simply have nowhere to go. Mixing prints is most common for casual, ethnic and boho styles.

In addition, it is best for ladies with perfect shapes to conduct experiments with mixing styles, because clothes with a print visually increase the volume.

In the case of a non-standard figure, it is definitely not worth abandoning the fashion trend. After all, with the right selection of a picture, you can draw attention to the advantages of the body, and not to the disadvantages . For example, for lush hips it is better to choose the colors of muted tones. Therefore, first of all, it is worth studying your proportions and understanding which area can be emphasized and which, on the contrary, can be corrected.

Reference! Extravagant color combinations are presented in the Dolce & Gabbana collection . The fashion house prefers saturated, bright colors.

The fashionable trend of mixing prints has already been appreciated by many bright and extraordinary natures. After all, it makes it possible to experiment, express your mood and emotions, as well as develop your creative potential. The main thing in this business is not to be afraid, try and be inspired by the ideas of famous couturiers.