How to distribute shoes

Even a careful selection of shoes does not guarantee that it will be comfortable to wear. Quite often, after the very first wear of the shoes, the heel is rubbed or corns appear. The correct wearing of shoes will help to avoid this.

How to distribute shoes

You can carry shoes in several effective ways.


The first option is considered the easiest and fastest. To do this, take a sealed or plastic bag and fill it with water, tightly knotted. We put them in shoes, after which we put them in the freezer until the liquid hardens. Then you can take out your shoes and boldly shine on the street.

Wearing after a warm towel

To do this, we need a simple terry towel and hot water. This stretch option is more suitable for leather models.

We wet the towel with boiling water and put it inside the product. We wait until all the water has completely evaporated and the product dries. At the end of the procedure, lubricate the skin with oil and leave to dry for a day.

Note: The towel can be replaced with ordinary terry socks. However, for this method you will have to put on socks and shoes, walk around the apartment for several hours.

Wearing after special means

For winter and autumn models, special means for stretching are made. They are available for different materials and types of cut. This is the most effective, but also expensive method to make autumn shoes comfortable.

Most often, these are bottles with foam or spray for leather and suede shoes. The tool needs to process the shoes in the place where they rub, and for an hour walk in them around the apartment / office.

The composition of chemicals includes alcohol and various softeners. Most sprays come with a delicious flavor.

Shoemaker's help

If you are unable to stretch your shoes yourself or have a fear of spoiling the product, then you can contact a professional. The shoemaker has special tools and equipment for stretching products. The master will take into account all the nuances and wishes of the client.

Material Features

The method of stretching directly depends on the type of material.

Wear leather and suede boots

Genuine leather products are very high quality, so stretching them is not difficult. This can be done using improvised materials:

  • Newspaper. We tear several prints into small parts and carefully soak in warm water. We put wet shreds in shoes. It is necessary to stuff shoes tightly with a newspaper. Leave to dry at room temperature for several days. Then we take out a newspaper and you can safely shoe your favorite model.
  • Beer. Liquid softens matter and makes it elastic. For stretching, you need to thoroughly moisten the inside of the model with beer and walk in it for 2-3 days.
  • Ice. Using ordinary frozen water, you can make your favorite or new shoes in size. To do this, fill the plastic bags with water and put them in shoes. We send them to the freezer overnight so that the liquid freezes well. In the morning we take the product out of the cold and take out the ice.

Important! You should not freeze winter models of boots, as the fur can stick to the ice. As a result, the product will be damaged.

  • Wheat. Fill the product to the top with grain and add a little water that it is swollen. Leave for the night. In the morning we put plastic bags on our feet and put on our shoes. You need to walk until the product is completely dry.

Another effective method to make shoes more comfortable is bending. However, such a procedure can only be carried out with genuine leather models. Take one boot and bend it in different directions. A product made of high-quality material should not be deformed or cracked.


If you have varnish shoes, then to quickly distribute them you need:

  • Take a greasy cream (it is possible for the face, hands or special shoe colorless) and carefully lubricate the model from the inside. Then we put on shoes and dry the boots on top with warm air.
  • If there is no cream, you can use alcohol or vinegar. We process the product inside, shoe and walk during the day.
  • You can hold the boot over steam. It will help soften the material and make it more flexible.

For patent shoes, special products are sold to help make it supple and soft. However, before use, you must carefully read the instructions so as not to spoil the shoes.

Useful tips and tricks

Before buying, carefully try on shoes so that in the future you do not have to think about how to get rid of the problem. When choosing shoes you need:

  • Tell the seller the exact foot size, as each manufacturer has a different size grid.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the material. Genuine leather can stretch, while suede or dermantine does not always have such properties.
  • Often a person has one foot much longer / wider than the other. It is best to measure new models for the one that is larger in terms of parameters.
  • Buy shoes after lunch or in the evening. By this time, the legs will swell and you can find the most convenient version of the product.

You can carry shoes in various ways. The main thing is to choose the right option for the type of product. Pay attention to all the nuances, season, material, lining, etc. It will depend on whether it will be comfortable for you to walk in shoes and how long it will last.