How to distribute leatherette shoes

should be comfortable! And if you purchased a pair of leatherette shoes you really liked, but it turned out to be a bit cramped?

Do not rush to part with the purchase. But you should not suffer from inconvenience: a product made of artificial leather can be stretched. For this, special devices and tools are used. We will get acquainted with effective ways that will help distribute such shoes.

General recommendations on how to distribute faux leather shoes

  • Artificial leather requires accuracy, because strong or excessive stretching of the material can lead to cracks on its surface. It can be difficult to stretch it without consequences by an entire size in many cases, and it is quite possible to achieve a slight stretch.
  • Slight stretching can be achieved by making leatherette soft. Vaseline will help in this. They densely lubricate the inner surface of the products. In order for the lubricant to begin to act on the material, the shoes in this after lubrication are left for 2-3 hours. After removing the residues of petroleum jelly, shoes are worn and walk in them in the room for 30 to 60 minutes. During this time, the material will stretch. If stretching alone is not enough, perform the action again.
  • Another material that will help to stretch out some leatherette shoes is newspapers. Only moistened newspapers are suitable for this. They fill the shoes, while trying to give the shoes a shape. This method takes time, you can check the result after the newspapers have completely dried.

The most effective ways

You can achieve the result and make the shoes proportionate to the foot using different methods.

Special pads

Wooden or plastic pads do a good job stretching shoes. Once purchased, the pads will effectively serve to stretch the shoes for a long time.

Important! The result of using pads will be higher while using a special spray to stretch the shoes.

To stretch a product from a leatherette with the help of pads is easy. It is necessary to apply a spray to the problem area of ​​clean shoes, insert the pads. Stretching time - 60 min. The desired result is not always possible to achieve the first time, although you will immediately notice that the shoes are stretched. Repeat the procedure a few more times until you feel comfortable.

Cream and paste for posting shoes

Special pastes or creams help to carry shoes out of leatherette. The general principle of this method: the product is applied to the place that you want to carry, from the inside. The applied composition is left on the shoes. After treatment, you need to put on shoes and walk around the room for about 30 minutes. Specific tips for using a paste or cream are given in the instructions.

Important! When leatherette is stretched, any products are applied only on a clean surface! New shoes can be worn immediately, worn first carefully cleaned and dried.

Using a hairdryer

To distribute shoes, you can successfully use a hairdryer. A physicist helps explain the use of a device for drying hair: heating leads to an increase in the size of substances and materials. A hairdryer is used only after the shoes are shod.

Important! When using a hair dryer, put a thick sock made of cotton or wool yarn on your leg, and only then shoes should be worn.

Without bringing the hair dryer close to the surface, direct hot air at it for 2 minutes to warm the leatherette. Then you need to walk in shoes, staying in them until the leatherette cools down.

And some more unique ways

You can use unexpected but effective methods to post products.


Freezing and turning into ice, water tends to increase its volume. Due to this, shoes will also be stretched. Water does not need to be poured directly into it. Packages are filled with liquid and securely closed. Shoes are filled with bags of water, then sent to the freezer. Keep in the freezer for at least 12 hours. So you can achieve an increase in shoes by a whole size!


Another effective way is rubbing. For rubbing, use ordinary household soap or medical alcohol. Regardless of the substance chosen, the mode of action is the same. Rub the inner surface with dry soap or diluted alcohol, shoes, boots or shoes are worn and worn in the room for 1-2 hours.

Reference! You can use laundry soap diluted with water to a pasty state. The resulting paste is rubbed on the inner surface, left to dry. After washing off the dried paste, the shoes are worn until it becomes dry again.

How to distribute new leatherette shoes

To wear out a new product, it is best to use special aerosol stretchers in the form of sprays or aerosols. They will easily cope with the problem and will not leave unwanted traces of processing on the leatherette. The spray is applied to the place that rubs the foot, from the inside. Then they put on shoes and wear indoors for a couple of hours.

It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations in order to stretch, but not spoil the product.

Features of wearing shoes made of artificial leather

So that the procedures do not damage the leather leatherette shoes, you should take into account the peculiarities of its stretching.

  • After using various products, you need to apply a special cream that will lubricate the surface.
  • For products made of varnished or thin materials, cooling or heating is not suitable.
  • If the shoe is suitable in size and its back rubs the foot, there is no need to stretch the product completely. Just rub the backdrop with a dry laundry soap or paraffin candle.

Rules for the use of sprays, aerosols for posting

Modern aerosols and sprays very effectively help to carry tight shoes, subject to certain rules.

  • Spray is used for slight stretching. To achieve an increase in size with a spray will not succeed!
  • Shake the bottle vigorously before use.
  • Apply the composition only to problem areas.
  • Shoes are worn immediately after spray application.
  • When working with sprays or aerosols, safety rules must be strictly observed: they work in a well-ventilated area, do not spray near a fire, and are protected from children.

When to contact the master

Stretch tight shoes often succeed on their own. But you can entrust the implementation of this procedure to specialists. Their experience and the availability of special materials will allow us to perform the work with a guarantee.

Professionals should be contacted in the following cases:

  • it is necessary to stretch shoes made of delicate material;
  • significant stretching must be performed (by size or more);
  • independent attempts to stretch the product failed.

Proper care

Leatherette shoes will last a long time with a careful attitude and proper care for it. Artificial leather does not require special treatment.

Basic rules for the care of a leatherette product:

  • timely cleaning and drying;
  • the use of a damp cloth and soap solution if you need to wash the product;
  • drying in natural conditions, without the use of heating appliances;
  • drawing on the dried surface of a special shoe cream or baby cream.


A leatherette product has many advantages: it is convenient, practical, inexpensive.

Having learned how to stretch such shoes, you will forget about tight boots or shoes and provide yourself with comfort!