How to distinguish Ray Ban glasses from a fake?

The original Ray-Ban withstands drop from a height of 5 times the distance critical for the best fakes. Therefore, it is impossible to say that when buying products of this brand, people overpay for a big name. They pay a lot, but give money for quality. It is insulting only when the acquired model does not have the declared properties. Usually, people who have bought imitation instead of the original face this turn of events. So, how do you check if this is a ban or not?

Ray Ban Points Authentication Criteria

Everything must be taken into account, starting with the color of the napkin (it must be microfiber, by the way) and the font of the engraving on the lenses. The glasses of this brand have so many distinctive features that deceivers simply cannot afford to take into account absolutely all the nuances - they cannot afford it. Be smarter and more attentive to them.

What should be the packaging? Purchase Options

The packaging is a cardboard box. It can be blue, carbon black, matte black, red or gray. The hue is not accidental. It is an indicator of which series a particular model belongs to. Exception: light gray box 17 cm long and 55 mm wide. Such packaging sells accessories outside of limited or special lots.

Regardless of the shade, a sticker should be placed at the bottom of the box containing the following information about the glasses:

  • model;
  • color (numeric code);
  • country of origin (letter cipher);
  • glass size;
  • temple length;
  • dimming level.

Important! Be sure to make sure that the information on the sticker on the box matches the markings on the arms.

Not only belonging to a certain series, but also the equipment depends on the shade of the package . So, in a gray box there is a gray napkin, and glasses of the Craft series are sold together with a case made of very soft genuine leather, but for the Tech series the case is styled like carbon.

Important! Only a limited number of models belonging to certain series, the case is made of genuine leather. The rest of Ray-Ban's accessory for storage is made of leatherette, brown or black, very carefully stitched.

The last mandatory element of packaging is instruction . It can take the form of a book or a booklet, it all depends on the series. Both formats are united by the fact that the information on them is printed on glossy paper of the highest quality, and the descriptions are illustrated.

Lens Features

On the left glass there should be an elegant inscription flying up (the beginning is located below the end). Its location - the inside or the outside - again depends on the model. Therefore, before buying it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's catalog and clarify the moment in the appendix to a specific article.

Important! More often engraving goes on the outside.

If there is no engraving, then 2 options are possible:

  1. before you imitation of the original;
  2. Here is a model like RB3211.

The latter type of glasses belongs to the small Ray-Ban group, which has only a few positions and is represented by products in which the lenses go without engraving.

In addition to the logo and engraving on the lens, there may be an inscription notifying of the production technology. Such information should be done with paint and applied to the outside of the glass.

Logo and other stamps. Marking and engraving

First, look at the country of manufacture and the manufacturer itself ( look for information on the box ). If, in the indicated column, “B &” is indicated, then it is highly likely that you are holding a fake. Reason: This label is out of date. She cannot be present on a product released after 1999.

Next, look at the “closure” of the box . Since 2018, a sticker with a barcode has been placed on its inner side. If the product is made after the innovation, but there is no sticker, then you have an imitation.

After proceeding to the examination of the logo, inscriptions and engravings on the glasses themselves . All you need to know about this:

  • Ray-Ban logo on the glass should be located in the upper right corner;
  • an elegant laser engraving inscription can be applied both from the inside and from the outside of the glass (for originals it is placed closer to the edge);
  • the Aviators are engraving on the bar of the bridge of the nose (from the side facing the bridge of the nose);
  • engraving on the nose is centered, contains the brand name and size information;
  • Aviators issued after 2018 have an inscription on the external (upper) partition from the outside (facing not towards the face) containing the logo and country of origin;
  • the Aviator 3025 has a “RB” metal engraving inside the plastic nose pads;
  • information on the model name, shade of glasses, size of glasses and level of blackout must be present on the left arm (the inscription is not engraved, but written);
  • if the frame is released after 2018, then on the left arm, in addition to the above information, a length parameter is given;
  • if the glasses come with polarization, then on the right lens in addition to the logo is the letter “P”;
  • Look for information about the manufacturer on the right earhook.

Important! Do not forget to “break through” the article by series. If in the specified series there is no such article, then before you non-original Ray-Ban.

When considering glasses, remember that the right arm is one that, when worn, is in contact with the right side of the face . Therefore, if the necessary information is presented from the wrong side, then you are definitely fake.

Design structure and strength

The metal and plastic glasses of this brand are incredibly durable. Their mechanical resistance is confirmed by tests for permissible loads. The high level of immunity is explained by structural features: the presence of reinforcing steel rods, loops with 4 ears, a cylindrical shape of a screw at the loop, and the presence of silicone inserts in the grooves of the screw.

What material?

The products of this brand are made of metal and plastic. The nuances of their production:

  • Plastic. Elements are made from a single piece of polished acetate. There are no cracks, bumps or roughness on it. If the earhooks are transparent, then thin metal base rods are visible through them.
  • Metal. The hinges are neat and bolted. The presence of glue or plastic bolts, hinges is an obvious sign of a fake.

Ray Ban Points Weight

Consider the type of lens. In the popular Wayfarer model there are real glasses, so such glasses can not be called light. An additional load is created by metal knitting needles placed in the arms.


It will turn out approximately to orient in the prices by visiting the official website of the brand. There, for example, you will see that the average cost of models like Wayfarer varies in the range of 125-250 dollars . This means that under no circumstances can glasses of this type be sold for either 50 or 100. e. If they are sold at about the same price, then you can safely talk about fraud and fake.

Very Important Authentication Nuances

  1. Do not be afraid that a particular pair is made in China. The manufacturer has 5 factories around the world. One of them is located in China, but equipment and materials are supplied from Italy. Supervision is also carried out by Italians.
  2. Do not visit online stores in the domain of which there is an official slogan of the manufacturer or part of it . You should not go where the ray or ban or ray ban appears in the domain. The seller of the original glasses in the address simply cannot have such elements, since their use is prohibited by the brand.
  3. Original Ray-Ban, without exception, are sold only through authorized stores . This is the policy of the manufacturer. Since 2015, he has not cooperated with anyone else. One can distinguish an authorized store from a shop offering fakes due to a unique code (issued personally to authorized points, and they, in turn, are obligated to provide customers upon request). When you enter it on the manufacturer’s official website (you need to enter it in the "Point of Sale" section), information about the store where you are going to purchase glasses or frames should pop up. Be sure to check the address of the outlet shown with the address of the store where you plan to place an order.
  4. The presence of large-scale stocks and counters on the website of an authorized store is excluded.